And in our left corner we have…
Joining my first demo project I was confronted with two traditional contradictory worlds. In the left corner; me, as a beginning GUI designer. And in the right, a heavyweight ADF developer. Let the game begin! Designing the GUI in programs like Excel, Word or even Photoshop for example would most certainly end in a first round knockout. Either because components that are used don’t exist in ADF or because pixel perfect alternatives aren’t available. Resulting into a large amount of wasted time and patience.

Saving your marriage with the developer
However there’s a way to narrow the gap between these two worlds. Oracle provides stencils for Microsoft Visio which allow you to quickly and accurately design a GUI with ADF look-a-like visual components. Besides the accelerator ‘quick and accurate’ there rises a third fundamental one; less discussion. Using the look-a-likes generates less discussion between the designer and developer. Remarks like “there is no such button in ADF” or “that table is impossible to create” belong to the past.

Where can I find these faces?
Follow the link, scroll down and look in the left column for “Visio Stencils for ADF Faces Rich Client Components”.  The zip file contains the files and a PDF which will guide you through the process.

Have a try, you’ll enjoy.

Jack Ritzen – ADF & GUI Designer