While writing this blog, I am at 11 km up in the air, travelling at 816 km/h. Sitting in a comfortable seat and realising I am surrounded bij ICT systems I am glad none of them offer me connectivity to the world below that is passing by on the monitor.

This flight doesn’t offer Wi-Fi and being Dutch, I wouldn’t think of touching the $2.50 a message sat phone system, even though it is temptingly close, integrated into the in-flight entertainment system. Which still eats floppies by the way, but now I am side-tracking.

The point is that flights like these make you realise our world is always connected. Growing up without mobile phones, I realise that what I am writing down in this blog probably doesn’t bother generations after me. Or they found a better way of dealing with it, I hope 🙂

Trust me, I love being connected always and everywhere. But this virtue comes at a price. So much opportunity to explore, share and communicate anytime and anywhere often leaves me with the impression that I should not be relaxing, listening to some music. I should figure out what the news is, share ideas and moments with friends or colleagues or take something of the list of things to do, either professionally or personally.

So sitting here up in an airplane, for some reason I don’t feel bothered or tempted by modern communication. I am relaxed and calm, just listening to some music and doing nothing else. Well, not really I am writing this, but still it feels different.

So my wonder is, with all the impressive stuff ICT accomplishes today, where can I buy a system that offers me the same blissful feeling without having to step onto an airplane? Having thought modern technology offers solutions to just about any ‘problem’ I face, I just realise I need to reset my expectations on technology.

Ps: earlier in this flight I fought with the in-flight entertainment system trying to reach a menu option I couldn’t reach because the ‘up’ key on the controller malfunctions. Turns out it has a touchscreen. It’s official: I am getting old 🙂

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