The future of software package implementations lies in combining their implementation with proven business paradigms such as Lean or Business Process Management. The goal of business software is to improve and optimize business processes of an organization. Such is also the goal of Lean. It is therefore logical to combine Lean with a software package implementation to achieve maximum optimization of the business processes of an organization.

What is Lean?

Lean Manufacturing is often attributed to Taiichi Ohno (Toyota Production System) in order to improve the quality and efficiency of their production plants. Lean must not be mistaken for a set of tools to improve quality, efficiency and effectiveness. To ensure and increase the success of Lean it must be seen as an organizational and cultural change: the continuous improvement of the organization’s processes, services and products.

Continuous improvement (Kaizen) can be achieved by standardization and the following general approach:

  • Identify what holds value for the customer
  • Describe the current value stream
  • Achieve flow in current value stream by eliminating MUDA (7 wastes), applying good housekeeping (5S method) and Kanban
  • Let the customer pull the products or services through the process
  • Continuous optimization of the process


Lean Siebel Assignment Manager in the Public Sector

The most important lean principle is to do only what holds value for your customer. If we apply this principle in the public sector, it means that public organizations perform only those activities that hold value for their citizens: for example to handle citizens’ Cases and Applications in the most effective and efficient manner.

To handle a citizen’s Case in the most effective and efficient manner means assigning this Case to the employee most capable of handling this Case; in other words the Employee with the necessary skills to handle this Case. Oracle Siebel CRM is the world leading Customer Relationship Management software developed by Oracle. Siebel Assignment Manager is a module of Siebel CRM used to automatically divide and assign work to the most suitable employee or organization. Using Oracle Siebel Public Sector together with Oracle Siebel Assignment Manager, Public organizations can assign automatically Cases, Incidents or Applications to the most capable Agent or Employee.

This eliminates the need of several management layers and creates a work floor with Team Leaders who are more focused on the resolution of exceptions and performance of their employees rather than the division of work.

The Technical Implications of Siebel Assignment Manager

Siebel Assignment Manager pushes work to the most appropriate candidate. It does not have a ‘Pull’ mechanism: for each Case that needs to be assigned is computed a list of potential candidates based on their skills. Finally the Case is assigned to the most suiting candidate from the list of potential candidates.

For every employee a list of assignment skills is maintained in order to specify their skills with respect to the work they can do best. The two most important operating modes of Siebel Assignment Manager:

  • Dynamic Assignment: using database triggers, as soon a case is created in the database it is assigned using Siebel Assignment Manager.
  • Batch Assignment: using predefined batches, when the batch is scheduled to run it assigns a set of cases on the basis of a query.

Finally Siebel Assignment Manager can also take into consideration the workload of the potential candidates when assigning work. In this case work gets assigned to the candidate with the best skills and lowest workload.


To conclude, Lean is about continuous improvement (Kaizen), so keep improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your Public Organization using the right business technology such as Siebel Assignment Manager combined with the most appropriate business paradigm.

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Mark Vervuurt
Oracle CRM Consultant

Special thanks to Hans Telgen for reviewing