You have a great idea for a new online service. Agencies have made beautiful designs for you and the road show is in progress… but somehow the stakeholders are not as enthusiastic as you are.

And here’s why.

The conceptual designs are not a strategy. They are snapshots that could fit the strategy but they do not explain the contribution to the corporation and the business lines. They don’t say how everything is going to be managed on an operational level. And they might come across as very cool looking but isolated ideas for a couple of touch points.

The conceptual designs are important for ideation and validation – of course – but you need to make a solid story of the strategy in order to get the Go. 

Create one solid story

The framework “Elements of on Online Strategy (pdf)” holds the elements to draw up a strategy. This can be used as a checklist or as the steps for the project to take.


For pillars to address:

  • Customer Insights: among which :: customer behaviour in the online landscape. Investigate your possible presence even in the not-so obvious locations.
  • Business: among which :: the contribution to the corporate strategy. Far too often I find there is no link between the online activity and the business objectives. Then it is no wonder it doesn’t land well.
  • Identity: among which :: answer the important Why-question. Why do you do what you do? Price and products are no differentiator anymore. Your identity is.
  • Approach: among which :: mould both the touchpoints and the organization behind it into shape.

Only by addressing the spectrum is the picture complete.

Each pillar has a set of elements.
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Marcel Nahapiet