The answer to the question “What is Identity Management” is a simple one “it deals with managing access to applications”. Unfortunately the execution is much more challenging. Regulatory requirements, sensitive data, critical applications, operational costs, security breaches, internal misuse, angry former employees, user satisfaction, multiple logins, the list of items that makes identity management challenging is endless.

The picture below illustrates the challenging environment of IDM (Identity Management). A good identity management architecture should be able to deal with these challenges from the business and its users. If well thought out and carefully planned the benefits can be huge. The importance of having an Identity Management architecture in place is increasing more and more.

Creating such an architecture is difficult and is often an afterthought. Many projects come to think about Identity Management at the end when it is often too little too late. If you want to implement single sign-on for instance, proper governance and technology that fits has to be in place.

Oracle’s technology answer to this challenge is Oracle’s Identity and Access Management 11g suite which belongs to the fusion middleware family. In the picture you can see what it comprises. See also this video about governance.

 In the following months we will further elaborate on these products and what their functions exactly are. Keep following our Blog to learn more.

Who we are?

Capgemini’s Oracle Security group provides technical solutions for and expertise on managing access to information.  We help transforming important processes such as user registration, role management, authentication, authorization and auditing leveraging Oracle Identity & Access Management and Oracle Database Security technology.

Transforming these processes with Capgemini and Oracle improves security, reduces operational costs, increases business agility and improves compliancy and enables your organization to keep in control.

What can we do for you in your project?

We help our clients with the following challenges:

  • Windows Native Authentication (desktop SSO): we help clients enable a scenario in which their employees can logon to their desktop using their Windows username and password and continue directly to their web application(s) without having to login again.
  • Integrating new or upgraded Oracle applications: we help clients integrate their Oracle E-Business Suite applications, WebCenter applications and other Oracle and non-Oracle applications with existing Identity & Access Management solutions.
  • Setting up Oracle Fusion Apps: we help clients plan, design, install and configure Oracle Fusion apps. Fusion apps heavily rely on Oracle’s Identity & Access Management stack. Our knowledge and expertise is needed to use Fusion apps properly.
  • Leverage the full set of security features of Oracle WebLogic server: if you already have Oracle WebLogic server, you have already available a bundle of security features, we can help you to make efficient use of in your existing application landscape.
  • Secure your web services: Securing web services is very complicated. The large set of web service security standards and the often used PKI needed for it, can be challenging. We can help you with that.

What makes us special?

With Application Lifecycle Services for Identity & Access Management we provide a complete, optimized , and continuously improving scalable I&AM environment. It reduces the risk of setting up and maintaining such an environment for the client and increases business agility.

We go beyond Identity & Access Management for employees only. We provide “as a service” solutions and expertise for the specific issues of managing access to information for partners, suppliers and customers as well.

We leverage new concepts such as Entitlements Management, Social Sign-In, Federated Identity Management and Master Data Management concepts such as Identity Resolution to deal with the challenges of other categories of users beyond employees.

We are further extending our “as a service” offering to the public market with new features civilians (DigiD) and companies (eHerkenning).

Stay tuned on our blog for further information in the coming months.

Laurens Voet, member of the Special Interest Group “Oracle Security”