Hello everyone,

Well let me start by apologising for the delay in updates – internet access has been quite hard to come by but this morning I am in the Capgemini M6 office in Mumbai so can write and send an update on my visits to Naandi and Nanhi Kali projects over the last few weeks.

I’ve been really lucky in having the opportunity to visit schools attended by Nanhi Kali’s and in which Academic Support Centres are working in different parts of the country, both urban (Mumbai and Hyderabad) and rural (the Arakku Valley in Madhya Pradesh) locations, which has helped me see that Project Nanhi Kali is not just about providing school kits and school uniform to disadvantaged girls, it provides the whole support structure around schooling too. The sponsorship money for each Nanhi Kali also funds the running of Academic Support Centres (ASCs), Early Childhood Education Centres (ECE’s) or crèches, the facilitation of School Management Committee meetings (SMC – Indian’s are fond of acronyms) attended by teachers, parents and the school board to encourage the parents to take responsibility for their child’s education.

The ASC’s are held out of school hours by exceptionally dedicated and talented degree trained teachers and education specialists who deliver a supplementary curriculum using workbooks created by Naandi and the charity Education Intervention. The sessions we visited (James Robey – Capgemini Group Head of CSR – has been out here for the last 10 days too) are held in the school buildings and use interactive group exercises to really bring the learning to life. Teachers in these schools seemed visibly motivated to improve their teaching style too based on what they were seeing in the Naandi staff which is a win-win situation for the girls.

23rd November 2011