eConsultancy and Adobe recently collaborated to produce the Europe area Digital Marketing Insights report. As always the report was packed with some great data and advice.

Two charts on marketing technology usage, impact on bottom line, and resouce intensiveness really interested me. I’ve compiled both charts into a matrix that shows where the opportunities lie for marketers who are assessing technology expenditure:

Matrix of marketing technology usage, value and resource intensity

From the report we can draw that conversion optimisation technology is underutilised by organisations and has the biggest chance of improving the bottom line. This lack of utilisation may be down to the specialist knowledge that’s required to implement A/B testing and multi-variate testing.

Multi-variate and A/B testing require ongoing optimisation and improvement to use them at the most basic level. Even with automation tools, a marketer needs to continually update the collateral and fine tune the testing to get the most from it.

Optimisation tools’ ability to unlock new revenue is why I believe they should be involved in any B2B/B2C web project.

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