t-Police: a way to deliver efficiency savings and service delivery improvements

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The solution is based on an integrated ERP and Duty Management solution and includes the ability for Police Forces to capture incoming paper using the EMC Captiva product.

Police Forces in the UK are facing an unprecedented challenge in meeting the planned cuts in spending announced in the 2010 Government Comprehensive Spending Review. Over the next four years Police Forces are expected to deliver 20% savings. At the same time Forces are expected to maintain the high-levels of policing which the public have come to know and expect.

Capgemini has developed Transform Police (t-Police) to enable police forces to deliver efficiency savings and service delivery improvements across the back office, whilst ensuring a rapid Return on Investment (ROI). The solution is based on an integrated ERP and Duty Management solution and includes the ability for Police Forces to capture incoming paper using the EMC Captiva product. The solution is delivered through a shared service model and anticipates a number of forces running back office processes co-existing on the same hardware, infrastructure and application software.

  1. Document Capture to support core t-Police ERP solution. Focussed on the capture and processing of documents related to Finance and HR including Invoices, Expenses and Employee records this solution enables a Force to scan documents either centrally or remotely and for these documents to be placed directly in the core ERP solution as direct attachments to the Finance or HR record.
  2. Document Capture and Management to support core t-Police ERP solution. As with Level 1 this solution provides centralised and remote capture for documents related to the core ERP solution. However this approach will store and manage the documents in a proven ECM platform, either which the Force may already possess, or a one which we will establish. This approach not only increases the breadth of documents which can be managed by the Force but will enable them to exploit the Records Management capabilities within a proven ECM platform.
  3. Force-wide Document Capture and Management. Expanding the scope of the solution beyond the Back Office we will work with a Force to enable them to capture, store and manage all paper and content associated with their business. This can include the digitisation of paper notes from the scene of crime or the Management of Digital Evidence such as Audio Interview recordings. This approach can help a Force make a real step change in the way they approach the management of their information. Benefits include:
    • Cost savings on the physical storage of information in formats such as paper and tape;
    • Efficiencies in the processing and sharing of information internally as Officers no longer need to wait for the physical shipment of information from one site to another;
    • Improved sharing of information with other Criminal Justice Organisations (CJO’s) such as the Courts and the Crown Prosecution Service.

Whilst the challenges which Police Forces face in the UK are significant there is a clear opportunity for them to exploit Content Management technologies to not only meet the challenges but also to improve their working processes. This move towards the Digital Age will enable Police Forces to improve their information sharing both internally and externally. It will also provide further opportunities to understand and exploit the information which they hold own.

Capgemini have been awarded the Best Capture Solution by EMC at Momentum 2011 for their t-Police solution. 

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