During yesterday’s key note presentation by Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, I started thinking about what people would take away from the Oracle Open World conference. Not only is it meant to share knowledge about current and future Oracle products, but the conference also has the purpose of inspiring people. During the sessions about Oracle BI and the general events I attended at Oracle Open World, I found out that there are different techniques being used to bring inspiration to the audience, the one being ‘slightly’ more effective than the other.

The show
My first two days at the Oracle Open World conference have been a rollercoaster ride. Imagine a huge American city that is fully ‘Oracle-lized’. Enormous banners, entire roads blocked, forty-five thousand people with Oracle badges around their neck: it’s nearly impossible to not feel impressed by all of this.

The reverend
One session we attended on migrating OBIEE 10g to 11g almost left us with a sense of guilt. The speaker was telling his audience about all the things they hadn’t thought of yet (in his humble opinion). It was overwhelming and straightforward, although there were some ‘usual suspects’ in the presentation: “you should involve the business!”. The room, the choice of the presenters’ words, the wild arm gestures: I can imagine that a lot of people walked away telling themselves: I need to get started on all of this!

The expert
During one of the key notes, the Exalytics solution for BI was presented. By showing what the impact could be, in combination with a live demo and customer videos, it became a really inspiring story. Integration between Oracle Applications, hardware and BI was happening right in front of us. It made me feel very enthusiastic and I’m looking forward to really dive into Exalytics with my team and see how fast our customers would be able to query structured but also unstructured data. By presenting the content in a calm and clear way, we stepped out of the session with a lot of inspiration.

The people and the interesting content that is being presented makes Oracle Open World the inspiring event that it really is. The show is nice, but the real value is in the contacts with people and the learning experience. It has been wonderful to attend interesting sessions, talk to both competitors and customers and hear a lot of nice developments in the Oracle BI market. I will zoom in on the BI trends, roadmaps, Exalytics, BI 4 Fusion Apps and all other exciting stuff in my next blog.

Mariska Bulten, Capgemini Cluster Lead Oracle BI