Hello everyone,

Earlier this month Capgemini UK celebrated 3 years of supporting Naandi and the Nanhi Kali sponsorship scheme – and any celebration always means cakes 😉

Nanhi Kali means “little bud” or little flower in Sanskrit. It’s an initiative to get Indian girls back to school or started at school where they either haven’t had the chance because the family have focussed the little money they have on educating their boys or the parents just don’t believe education is important so haven’t sent any of their children to school. Something I’m most looking forward to in India is spending time out with the Naandi field workers whose job it is to persuade the parents that school is important and that giving their daughters an education will ultimately benefit the whole family and not, as I think they fear, damage their social setup.

Going to school was something I never considered a privilege but I think this trip might make me think very differently about that.

Back to the task of packing for an 8 week trip and a to-do list as long as my arm which includes (and I can’t believe I’m writing this) Christmas cards. However, this year I’m taking full advantage of the e-card portal Capgemini is running for its employees which reduces the need for paper cards (and allows you to bypass the terrible British postal system!) Even better is that for every 1,000 cards sent, Capgemini will sponsor a Nanhi Kali girl for a year. I’d better get sending…

19th October 2011