This blog post is not about why you should use Prezi or why you shouldn’t. This blog post is about what Prezi can do for you and what it can’t.

First of all, what is Prezi? Prezi is a web-based presentation application and storytelling tool that uses a single canvas instead of traditional slide. Probably most of you already heard of Prezi and know what it is. But why would you want to use Prezi or why is Prezi called a “PowerPoint killer”? And why would anyone want to ‘kill’ PowerPoint? Is Prezi really that good or PowerPoint really that bad? Is that even the issue here?

  • Simplicity – Prezi is all about simplicity, even the name is simple (and quite catchy). The truth is that Prezi can’t actually do that much. The power of Prezi is in what it can do! Less features, more power!
  • Easy to learn – Everyone can learn to use Prezi and be average at it. Everyone can also learn PowerPoint pretty quickly but the mastering takes more time.
  • Prezi is mindmapping – Prezi isn’t actually a presentation tool in my opinion. It’s more a tool to do some mindmapping.
  • Being creative with Prezi? – Some people say that Prezi forces you to be creative. In a way this is true because it lacks some functionality which forces you to do it differently and to stand out.
  • Limited number of fonts – With Prezi you can choose up to a limited number of fonts. Maybe in the future they will upgrade this, who knows. This point can also be considered as a good one because of the fact you can’t do anything wrong this way by choosing ‘Windings’ or ‘Comis Sans’ or any other horrible font. The theme you choose defines the font as well so throughout the whole ‘presentation’ you can’t mix up different fonts.
  • Animations and pictures – Prezi allows you to use pictures and Flash animations.
  • Prezi has Youtube integration – I personally never got why someone would integrate a Youtube clip into a slide deck. A simple ALT+TAB will do the trick and watch the video on Youtube itself.
  • Zoom in and zoom out – Prezi can zoom in and zoom out. This is a need little function but kind of useless. Why would anyone want to put something on a slide that nobody can’t read due to the fact it’s too small?
  • Turns things – When looking at a Prezi ‘production’ some people may feel a little bit dizzy. You can turn the whole thing upside down and so on. It’s like a free ride on a rollercoaster without feeling the excitement.

As you probably mentioned I, personally, am not a big fan of Prezi, especially not as a presentation tool. The most Prezi presentation I saw, and I admit I never saw someone presenting through Prezi in real life but just on the internet, have way too many text. It’s like reading a handout or a small book that continuously falls out of your hands due to the fact it rotates all the time.

PowerPoint is a great tool but it is not used by most of us in the proper way. A presentation is only a helper to what we have to say and Prezi is a great help, that I have to admit. Prezi is not powerful enough for the hardcore designers and for the starters in ‘Presentationland’, it’s still pretty hard to master. PowerPoint and Prezi are both easy to learn but to master it takes a whole lot of time.

O, before writing this post I took another look at a promotional video for Prezi and I’m already getting dizzy just from watching it. Prezi: fun tool, just not for me. O wait, you should also check out this Prezi presentation on how to become a master: Click.