Just think about this question for a minute or 2, or more. Got you answer already? No? Ok, think some more. You got it now? Yes? Ok, that’s good. So what was your answer? Home? Library? Starbucks? Train? The office? Most of the people don’t answer this question with ‘the office’. Strange isn’t it? An office is made for people to go to and work there! But people don’t want to go to an office to get work done? What’s up with that?

Nowadays more and more companies give their employees some days a month to work at home. They call it ‘work2.0’ or ‘New Way of Working’ or any other fancy term they came up with. This initiative is a good one in my opinion. I for one do like my working days at home. Why? No interruption or distraction. Some of you probably say: no distraction? But there’s a TV and there is no manager in sight so you can do whatever you want! My answer to this will be: at home I decide when I get distracted. You don’t have to turn on your TV. There is no off-switch on your colleague or your manager.

According to Jason Fried there are two real problems in the modern office today. Jason calls it the ‘M&M’, stands for: Managers and Meetings. Managers are there to manage. Managing means that you, from time to time, have to interrupt your employees. Managers are not evil, don’t get me wrong. The world needs people that manage others.

I honestly believe we should get rid of meetings. Attending a meeting, in my opinion, is not work. Meetings are, like Jason Fried likes to put it, toxic. Luckily I have a pretty good defense system otherwise I would have been very sick by know. Meetings are also never, really, spontaneous.

Meetings are also an interruption from work. How many times did you not wanted to go to a meeting because you were doing work. You finally got in that flow and was doing something! Whenever that Outlook pop-up comes that reminds you of a meeting in 15, 10 or 5 minutes you get interrupted. Besides the whole pop-up is saying to you: “stop what you’re doing and come to me!”

And for the rest you should enjoy the video below. Oh yeah, take some time to think about his three rather radical suggestions he’s going to make at the end of the video.