Last week 10:10 stepped up their Lighter Later Campaign to get the UK Government to permanently shift the clock one hour forward.  Under their proposal, the clocks would not shift back to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) this Autumn, but would “spring forward” an additional hour next Spring before “falling back” to GMT +1 next Autumn. 

Presenting evidence to Parliament last week from Cambridge academic, Dr Elizabeth Garnsey’s recently published article in Energy Policy, they argue that shifting the clocks would save 450,000 tonnes of carbon per year as well as delivering other social benefits such as a reduction in the number of road accidents.  10:10 argue this could save the NHS £200m per year.

Interestingly, I noticed last week that the Japanese Government has also launched a campaign to make the most of the daylight by, as the Daily Telegraph put it, “Japanese told to go to bed an hour early to cut carbon emissions.”  The Environment Ministry argue that with their Morning Challenge Campaign the typical family could save 85kg of CO2 per year simply by turning in an hour earlier.

28th June 2010