I question if I, or anyone else, is able to add anything of value to the topic of the moment – the Apple iPad – and more specifically, eBooks, whether as iBooks or any other format such as Amazon’s longer established Kindle format. What I will remark upon however is how the provision of effective content and readers in two years has transformed the market place for buying and reading books in the same way that MP3 players and providers of online music transformed the way we buy and listen to music. Both owe a lot to the availability of low cost broadband, and as access becomes easier with wireless, and available bandwidth grows, the third part of the trilogy must come next. Video.
The progression of ‘I listen’, ‘I read’, and ‘I watch’ is inevitable, providing the connectivity, devices and content are available. Things are progressing nicely with all of these new devices featuring video capability not just in terms of being able to do it, but being able to do it well for several hours owing to the new generation of batteries. In terms of content, on the one hand there is YouTube, but on the other there is a more serious business purpose as increasingly websites replace huge text posts with more and more video clips.

Video as a regular business tool is the next stage of this development, and, with an increasing number of laptops including a video camera in the screen, the obvious question is why not? There is nothing in the way at the user level, though at the enterprise level there has to be a spirit to enable, as I don’t think I would want to recommend this going onto external sites.
Here at Capgemini we are trying it out, so this post is a shameless advert to ask if you would like to get involved in interactive discussion. Here is the internal launch message, and I and my colleagues have recorded a few pieces to get this medium started.
Now it’s down to you, and if you were contemplating a good reason to buy an iPad then just think how this will look on that lovely screen!
Capgemini Debate TV will provide insight and comment for everyone in our industry to enjoy a more realistic human interaction on the topics that interest them.
Dawn Elliott, Head of UK Web Development says: Capgemini Debate TV is Capgemini’s new forum for sharing experience, pooling knowledge and learning together. It’s an opportunity to collaborate around the issues that we all face today, and ultimately to improve the way we do business”
The conversations on Debate TV will address specific questions of the kind that we encounter in our work in consulting, technology, and outsourcing. We’ll also be covering the macroeconomic context for business. Topics such as globalisation are highly relevant for example. Debate TV does not replace our existing blogs but will coexist with them as an extra channel. One that lets you put faces to names.
What’s on TV?
Debate TV is for discussing business and technology questions relating to any and all industries. We will be feeding in our own knowledge, experience and opinions, and are keen to hear yours. You can watch our videos, leave text comments, and upload videos of your own for fellow-participants to view and comment on. We’d like all videos to be succinct – and typically we’d hope they’re no longer than 90 seconds – focusing on one issue or question.
Who can join?
Debate TV is open to anyone who wants to get to grips with business challenges. As well as business people from both public and private sectors, we expect to meet analysts, journalists, and academics from business schools and other establishments. We also extend a welcome to any of our peers who would like to join in.