In the Volkskrant (a Dutch newspaper) I read two interesting articles The first one was titled: “Radiologist in India monitors Ethiopian baby”. The second one: “Drilling for oil in Iraq using a webcam”. If you take one step back and analyze these two articles you will find a very simple underlying model they have in common.
In both articles you have an expert (the radiologist or the oil driller) monitoring a remote process (baby development or oil drilling) and if needed taking action.
The main reasons for this remote monitoring are the lack of know-how, expertise or information in the vicinity of the process itself.
The main benefits of this remote monitoring and action taking were cost reduction and less time between the actual event and the appropriate measure.
Now apply this to the Business Intelligence domain.
The expert (Business Intelligence professional or knowledge worker) monitors the key business processes (for example: supply chain, time to market or product delivery), runs analysis’s and if needed takes action by intervening in the process or contacting the process owner.
If I close my eyes I can see a mission control center – like the bridge in Star Trek – where the whole company and its surroundings are being monitored for better performance.
Make it so.