I was intrigued by yesterday’s article on bbc news http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/6054352.stm about Reuters setting up a news agency in Second Life.
According to Second Life, its GDP in 2005 was $64m. Main stream businesses are establishing themselves in this particular virtual world and providing connections to normal Web business channels. And there are many other larger virtual worlds out there.
And so some questions – is this the sole preserve of gamers, singletons and generation Y-ers? Or are we going to see virtual worlds become mainstream and combine with Web enabled business models? And if so, when should we start thinking about the business and IT opportunities and risks?
If we consider that only 10 years ago most if not all could not predict the mainstream adoption of Web by people and business, and that in the UK alone 40 million of the 60 million population now use Web and email – without a centrally managed business change programme by the way! – perhaps we should start to think about our personal and business second lives sooner rather than later!