Imagine blogging like it’s supposed to be. Not minding too much about the correct wording. Just trying to be crisp and focused. Possibly building on blog-items of others, or trying to provoke new feedback, exploring the edges of an argument or concept. Imagine blogging like that, but then performed in real life, using spoken word. Don’t confuse this with podcasting: it’s not about writing a blog-item and then simply putting it ‘on tape’. It’s much more about improvising, albeit in this blog style of making a clear point in just a few sentences.

Getting the picture? Then do this in a team of three or four for an audience, just using one microphone. There will be a quick shifting between the speakers, each making their point, building on the ‘items’ of the others and exploring new areas over and over again. It’s great fun, this 2.0 approach to panel debating and presenting. We ought to know, as we pioneered the concept just two weeks ago during the SAPPHIRE event in Paris, blogging on the impact of service-oriented architecture on IT-strategy and -governance. The team featured three bloggers from Capgemini and ‘guest blogger’ Kevin Poulter of SAP and although both the team and the audience needed some bootstrapping time, it was clear that this eclectic mix of blogging, presenting and debating – all low on Powerpoint and high on 2.0 – has its potential.
Before you know it though, concepts with potential are everybody’s asset and shared across the continents. No problem: it’s a collaborative world. But just for the sake of history, we feel it is nothing more than appropriate to claim a patent (obviously a trivial one) on this new way of communicating. The only problem we have is finding a proper name. We are simply not there yet. Oral Team Blogging might be proper wording but sounds a bit awkward. Interactive Blogging could be abbreviated to iBlogging, but doesn’t fully cover the concept. And Verbal Blogging, that’s even down right wrong. Anybody with the brilliant suggestion, so that we can quickly describe this on Wikipedia?