As a true Dutchman, I’m ready to be happy with anything I get for free. But it gets a lot better when it is for free but also excellent. And that’s certainly the case with Dan Wood’s new book on Enterprise SOA. ‘Enterprise SOA, Designing IT for Business Innovation’ is the latest word on SAP’s ESA vision and its NetWeaver platform. I am not claiming that this book will suddenly demistify all the Walldorf Complexity (even Wood’s previous title ‘NetWeaver for Dummies’ could not do that) but it certainly does a good throw at it. Highly recommended, because this stuff is bound to influence many of the things that Business and IT specialists will be dealing with in the forthcoming years.

I got the book from Dan himself at SAPPHIRE 2006 in Paris, the annual SAP extravaganza that really focused this year on – of course – service-orientation and NetWeaver. But if you weren’t there, poor soul, you will have to buy the book. You may want to have a look then at this virtually unknown site. Or, alternatively, if you feel that online buying of Real Books is So 2004, the Safari version of the book may be your choice. The Safari bookshell is actually a virtual libray of thousands of top tech books; users can cut and paste text (including code samples, if they have the stomach for it), download chapters or just find quick answers when they need it
Try it: you could like this new way of owning a huge libray of IT books without needing the shelf space. Happy navigating.