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Why life-sciences companies need a touchless digital core to innovate and drive value

Accelerate the SAP S/4HANA transformation journey with LSPath

A great deal of value can be gained from a business transformation, but only with the right approach. That means a risky or misaligned transformation can create more problems than it solves. Life-sciences companies must therefore be mindful of both the risks and opportunities of such an effort.

The risks are connected to a unique set of challenges, such as a general lack of end-to-end visibility of pipeline products moving from clinical trials into commercial operations. The patient focus and experience and their associated factors are increasingly imperative. And added pressure from a dynamically evolving regulatory environment only magnifies the importance of resilience across the value chain.

The opportunities start with the digital core: a central operating system for managing business processes in a digital environment. This is the center of vital functions for any large company, including finance, supply chain, and HR, and precisely where the transformation takes place. Modernizing this system and standardizing its processes create synergies that improve ways of working, unlock efficiencies, and much more.

LifeSciencesPath (LSPath), Capgemini’s SAP S/4HANA solution, was designed specifically for life-sciences companies facing these challenges and striving for a touchless digital core – the foundational layer that enables innovation and the use of technologies like AI, IoT, machine learning, and automation. The solution’s pre-configured, integrated processes streamline operations and reduce the time to value realization.

In implementing LSPath, Capgemini brings a disciplined de-risking approach while leveraging our extensive SAP-transformation experience. This allows the enterprise to focus on driving the value it needs to succeed in an increasingly complex and digital economy.

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