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Subscription models: transforming the future of B2B eCommerce

Most of us have signed up for subscription services in some capacity. Entertainment, gyms, software, yard care, and even pet-food companies utilize small, regular payments to take the burden off the consumer.

Subscriptions are convenient: consistent, reliable delivery gives customers peace of mind and a sense of control over their transactions and relationship with an organization.

As the enterprise market continues to refocus on the customer relationship and experience, subscription commerce models have been a resounding success in the B2B arena. Customers enjoy the aforementioned benefits, and businesses are profiting and also injecting themselves into their customers’ entire product lifecycle.

Capgemini VP and Digital Customer Experience Leader, Dave Harrelson, recently worked with news and analysis site The Future of Commerce to shine light onto the B2B subscription business models and six big trend impacts:

  1. Channel, partner, and reseller disruption
  2. Organizational support and readiness
  3. Fulfillment optimization
  4. Re-imagined pricing, offers, and promotions
  5. Back-office streamlining
  6. Customer-service management.

As with any transformation objective, the best way to handle the changes inherent to subscription models is to minimize disruption and implement these models tactically, strategically, and with a long-term roadmap in place.

Be sure to read the full article on The Future of Commerce, and let us know your thoughts!

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