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Software Framework Solutions for Automotive Connectivity

Software Framework Solutions for Automotive Connectivity reduces time to market and accelerates connectivity solutions development for Automotive Tier1, OEMs & Smart device manufacturers. They include Edge-based Intelligent V2X RSU solutions.

The next-generation car creates an exponential need for off-board and onboard connectivity. These connectivity solutions will play a key role in developing smart mobility & autonomous driving applications.

We offer innovative automotive engineering software components for critical systems such as vehicle-to-everything (V2X) for off-board connectivity, audio-video bridging (AVB), and Bluetooth stacks for onboard connectivity.

In addition, our ENSCONCE edge platform supports innovative V2X-based edge applications. The platform supports CPU & GPU capabilities and provides a framework to develop and onboard virtualized or container-based applications.

“By 2020, there will be a quarter billion connected vehicles on the road, enabling new in-vehicle services and automated driving capabilities”

Gartner Inc

What we do

Vehicle To Everything – V2X

Our V2X software stack reduces time to market for automotive Tier1s, OEMs, and Telecom Service Providers. It is designed around industry standards and platforms.

• Hardware, Network and OS Agnostic
• Platform Abstraction
• Rich Set of APIs
• Proven Interoperability
• Automotive Grade
• Security and Privacy

Audio Video Bridging – AVB

Our AVB for Automotive provides a complete set of AVB protocols enabling transport and synchronization services to multimedia applications with associated quality of service.

Our AVB solution for Automotive enables automotive OEMs, Tier 1s, system integrators, and silicon vendors to build applications like Automotive IVI systems, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Security and monitoring.

• Easy-to-use APIs for creating audio and video end-point applications
• Hardware layer abstraction for easy porting and integration
• Multiple talkers and listeners can run simultaneously
• Supports hardware time-stamping and hardware traffic shaper
• Configurable as grand master or slave. Supports Best Master Clock
• Algorithm (BMCA) implementation
• Integrated with our Multimedia framework, which offers a rich set of Audio / Video codecs and streaming stacks


Our Betula Bluetooth suite simplifies the implementation of Bluetooth in a broad range of applications. The Betula SDK provides a high-level easy-to-use platform API.

The platform encapsulates all Bluetooth details, abstracting them from the application programming level. So programmers do not need to be Bluetooth experts.

The implementation of the Betula SDK is strictly modular. This means that the design is verifiable and maintainable. It also facilitates the dynamic update of software modules. Finally the Betula SDK supports multi-process operating systems and allows partitioning in distributed systems.

Intelligent RSU

Based on our ENSCONCE Edge Platform for low latency edge applications. This 5G RAN and computer vision extension supports smart city and intersection use cases.

Multimedia Framework – MMFR

Our MMFR comes pre-packaged with multimedia CODECs and streaming stacks that accelerate the launch of differentiated automative head units and cockpits.