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Inspiration Day leads to innovation

Capgemini’s Inspiration Day encourages clients to embrace the latest technological trends to drive SAP transformation. New and emerging digital technologies are changing the way people interact with businesses, so it is essential companies build a seamless experience for customers, partners, and employees.

These brainstorming and information sessions last approximately four hours and can be in-person or virtual. The goal is to identify areas of struggle and how to move towards predefined objectives.

Capgemini understands there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to designing an innovative solution. This means we build a roadmap from the client’s input and feedback.

Thanks to years of experience, Capgemini knows that new and shiny technology is not always the best fit for every enterprise. Instead, we look at both what is available and what’s coming next to devise a custom course of action to address client needs.

Read more about Inspiration Day here

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