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Join the dots for Manufacturing success with Azure

Manufacturing organizations know they need to adapt to a changing world. The real question is: where to begin? 

Is manufacturing the biggest victim of all the change we see today? How are you coping with the rapidly-changing situation?
Whether you design and manufacture for yourself, license your designs for others to manufacture, or act as an outsourced manufacturing capacity, then the world and operating conditions around you are changing. Your manufacturing operations have arguably already had to adapt more than any others and there is no sign of the rate of change slowing. It is getting tougher than ever to compete, as barriers to entry get smaller. The world’s largest manufacturers are facing competition from nimble start-ups who can outmaneuver them by quickly scaling and adapting to meet changing demands in traditional and new markets. Additive manufacturing accelerates an organization’s ability to rapidly turn prototypes into saleable product. Customers are also changing fast and routes to market are collapsing. The manufacturers and wholesalers of the past are going direct to consumers and bypassing retailers, and we see different buying behaviors from various groups: Gen Z do not have the same purchasing methods as Baby Boomers and Gen X.
Things are moving faster than ever.