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Get ready for the next evolution of automotive retail in the US

The rise of the agency model creates frictionless digital experiences as consumers move to EVs

The EV tipping point is almost here and the timing is right for a pivot in automotive retail. Interest in electric cars has tripled since 2018 and, with gasoline prices surging, demand can only climb.

The pandemic also changed expectations when purchasing a car. It is expected that online retail will account for approximately 25 percent of new car sales by 2025, up from less than five percent before the pandemic.

However, consumers have indicated they still want a dealer experience – on their own terms. They also want access to digital channels throughout the entire purchase cycle, and are increasingly moving to a European purchasing mindset where a reservation is made and it is fun to wait for a new vehicle to arrive.

ZeroLight is already opening options for dealers. Its real-time 3D visualizations, cloud rendering, and data insights provide understanding of customer behavior and preferences to help support the customer journey.

Capgemini is working with OEMs and its partners to design a North American agency model that delivers a seamless customer journey and is a “win-win-win” for the OEM, franchised dealer partners, and customers.

Download The timing is right for the next evolution of automotive retail in the US to understand how an improved customer experience makes the entire car-buying process stronger.

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