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Digital Cloud Platform for Retail

Dream cloud, wake up digital

Digital has revolutionized the customer experience, changed the way we understand and apply data, and transformed traditional companies into always-on powerhouses of innovation. It’s the key to performance, differentiation, and competitive advantage today. To fully take advantage of digital and retain customers with differentiating experiences, retailers need to completely shift to a cloud-first way of working.

Accelerate development by 30% to 50%

Capgemini’s Digital Cloud Platform for Retail is designed to get you there. A high-velocity software engine with pre-built, customizable components, it is the cloud-native development tool that helps retailers innovate rapidly and compete in the digital age with born-in the-cloud apps. It is a set of tools and methodologies built using AWS services that accelerate cloud-native application development and enable innovation.

It leverages solution blueprints, pre-built software components, and microservices to help organizations develop solutions faster and with greater agility than before, cutting time-to-market by 30% to 50%. To help retailers rapidly create custom products and offers, it includes innovation-focused user-experience services like facial recognition, weather integration, and location-based APIs, and quick-service restaurant domain services like order, loyalty, cart, and menu-data management.

Harness the power of the Capgemini and AWS partnership

Digital Cloud Platform leverages Capgemini’s insights and experiences from thousands of digital projects as well as the power of AWS to provide proven, high-power capabilities that accelerate application development. It leverages AWS capabilities for serverless, scalable, and maintainable digital services that are ready-to-use with minimal changes to help organizations react quickly to change. With an offering that enables continuous innovation and digital agility, Capgemini and AWS help companies leverage cloud to get – and stay – ahead.

Accelerate your digital journey today.

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