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Capgemini’s Silicon Valley Amplify Program

Amplifying the power of Silicon Valley’s innovation ecosystem for Capgemini clients

Silicon Valley sits at the epicenter of emerging technologies and continuously impacts global industries through its energy, ingenuity, and innovation. Capgemini’s Silicon Valley Amplify Program brings the amazing power of the Bay Area’s startup, VC, technology, and academic ecosystem to Capgemini’s most exciting clients around the globe.

Whether you are a leader in your industry, a startup looking to grow, a venture capitalist making big bets, or an expert in your field, this program helps you connect and amplify innovation toward a better future.

Delivered from our flagship Applied Innovation Exchange in the heart of downtown San Francisco, the Amplify Program features pioneering startups, world-class thought leaders, and innovators developing game-changing products and services.

We curate a Silicon Valley experience through:

  • Immersive technology demonstrations
  • Perspectives on topics like the metaverse, smart technologies, AI, and climate tech
  • Key introductions to subject matter experts.

We invite you to join the Amplify Program to make meaningful connections across this amazing ecosystem.

Are you a startup or venture capitalist eager to get involved in this program?


Are you eager to tap into the power of Silicon Valley for your business?