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Boost revenue and Operational efficiency with Data-Driven Quality

An integrated solution for superior product quality and increased consumer satisfaction

Change is a constant in this economy, making the clever use of data essential. Product companies that can pinpoint where and how to apply change will achieve a more frictionless and productive supply chain. They will also have a superior approach to product quality and better attend to client needs and expectations.

A reactive manufacturing cycle of building, inspecting, and correcting is no longer sufficient to meet increasingly rising customer wants and demands. To break this ineffective cycle, organizations must have a robust data-driven solution that combines a proactive focus on quality with integrated analytics and automation capabilities to turn quality control from a liability into an asset.

Data-Driven Quality (DDQ) is a tool founded on Microsoft Azure Cloud and IoT technology and built to tackle modern quality-improvement challenges. Through a set of predictive and real-time methods, it prevents manufacturing defects, reduces poor-quality outcomes, and enables scrap reduction. DDQ scales statistical process control and quality-management practices for process improvements across regions, driving productivity and increased revenue for the business on a global scale. It also operates on the company’s premises, so never breaches data ownership – a testament to its uncompromising approach to data security.

As a trusted Microsoft partner for over two decades, Capgemini has the experience required to leverage this integrated solution for modern enterprises aiming at a complete product-quality solution for greater operational efficiency. Companies using Capgemini’s DDQ enable their data scientists to tap into new value from data pools to engineer the products and experiences customers want, boosting satisfaction and loyalty. DDQ is also built on a repeatable and customizable architecture, reducing start-up costs, and allowing a custom-fit solution for the unique needs of the brand.

Download the Data-Driven Quality brochure to learn more.

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