Advanced Driver Assistance & Autonomous Driving Systems (ADAS/AD)

Today, the massive rollout of Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) functionalities in new cars is underway. By 2030, 15% of cars sold are forecasted to be fully autonomous.

ADAS functions like adaptive cruise control, parking assistance, and forward-collision warning are steps on the sequential journey to fully autonomous vehicles.

Each increase in autonomy brings a host of challenges that span resource management, data infrastructure, development cost optimization, and time to market. ADAS verification and validation (V&V) involves billions of miles of road tests alongside simulated modeling, massive data processing, analysis, and IT infrastructure.

We partner with automotive innovators across the globe to win the ADAS race – upskilling engineering teams, and from function development to fully automated V&V.

What we do

Function Development

We develop turnkey L1 & L2+ functions aligned with Core and Non-Core customer strategy and leverage experience from internal Research & Innovation ADAS program.

Driving Automation Systems Validation (DASV)

Our DASV platform is an integrated end-to-end solution for ADAS & AD validation. From data production to homologation support, through xIL validation.

Based on hybrid cloud infrastructure, DASV automates V&V activities.

Global Training Center

The novel and emerging technologies that underpin ADAS demand new skills.

Our Global Training Center provides a complete training program to upskill existing engineering teams. The program is led by experts, designed for distance learning, and uses case studies extensively.

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