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Client Story

Revitalizing operations to ensure continued success with ADMnext

Client: A global industrial technology leader
Region: North America
Sector: Electronics

A global industrial technology leader is committed to creating a safer, sustainable, and connected future. While it had an established formula for success, it could no longer rely on the numerous legacy systems that had propelled its growth in the past. The company needed to transform to keep pace with this fast-changing world.

Capgemini had a vision to ensure its continued success. Realizing it, however, required a comprehensive transformation – one that would revitalize the business and increase revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars over a five-year period.

Capgemini’s ADMnext approach involved strategy, architecture, and implementation, bringing in technologies to elevate manufacturing and commerce processes. Several issues were resolved, allowing the business to manufacture superior products and better sell them at greater volumes to businesses and consumers online.

Execution systems with analytics capabilities were implemented on the shop floor to capture insights into traceability, testing, and QA for higher-quality outcomes. Automated testing tools were integrated to take over manual efforts, boosting productivity.

Improvements were achieved across business lines, including a boost in data rationalization and customer experience and insights. This helped the company better understand its current and prospective customers to identify how to create the products they want, increasing sales and brand loyalty.

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