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Capgemini named a Leader in Mortgage and Loan IT Services by NelsonHall

06 Jul 2022

NelsonHall has named Capgemini a leader in its recent NelsonHall Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT)[1] report on Mortgage and Loan (M&L) IT Services.

To be a leader in NelsonHall’s NEAT assessment, a technology services provider must exhibit a high ability relative to its peers to deliver immediate benefit to clients as well as a high capability to deliver future benefits. 

Capgemini was commended in the report for its:

  • broad range of client engagements across markets,
  • robust offerings for cloud migration and intelligent automation services,
  • large portfolio of third-party solutions that can be customized,
  • and significant onshore delivery capabilities in North America and Europe.

“The M&L industry is a mature business, but COVID-19 is leading lenders to shift their focus from originations to default management. Origination costs, however, will continue to be a target of cost-savings with rapid movement to hybrid cloud delivery being effective, which is a Capgemini strength,” stated Andy Efstathiou, Research Director, Banking Operations and Transformation, NelsonHall. “Capgemini’s focus on intelligent automation, analytics, and cloud migration should position it well for growth under current market conditions.”

“While the global pandemic has had a significant impact on the M&L business, it is the right time to implement efficiency and cost savings through technology,” said Nilesh Vaidya, Executive Vice President and Banking and Capital Markets Practice Lead for Capgemini’s Financial Services. “Those in the M&L industry who continue to develop their IT capabilities to realize efficiencies will be best positioned to adapt to the ebbs and flows of the business impacts of the pandemic and its resultant new normal. Strategic implementation of cloud, intelligent automation and analytics will be the tools to drive success.”  

In this assessment, NelsonHall evaluated 15 service vendors using their NEAT methodology for M&L services and classified each provider into Leaders, High Achievers, Major Players and Innovators, based on their overall ability to meet future client requirements as well as delivering immediate benefits.

The NelsonHall NEAT evaluation for mortgage and loan services 2020 is available on the NelsonHall website.