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The art of software: The new route to value creation across industries

As the global economy enters a software-led, digital era, software has gone from a good-to-have tool to a key asset for competitive success and value creation.

In this Capgemini Research Institute report, The art of software: The new route to value creation across industries, we look at how organizations can utilize software-driven transformation to capture today’s opportunities.

Organizations everywhere are exploring how they can fit into the new reality being shaped by software. Technologies such as generative AI, machine learning, 5G, and cloud have a transformative impact. Looking further into the future, it’s also clear that every company, irrespective of industry, will have to essentially become a software company to survive, with a software-driven transformation being the first step in this transition.

However, to first achieve a software-driven transformation, organizations will need to overcome the challenges of remodeling core aspects of how they operate, both in terms of product/service engineering and organizational structure. To this end, we lay out in this report the six key pillars of a successful software transformation for organizations to follow, describing each in depth.

Download the report to find out more about how organizations can achieve success in a software-defined future.

Our solutions

    Software-driven transformation

    Software has become part of the product’s intelligence, increasing value for your organization.

    Embedded software

    Embedded software transforms the physical product value chain to an intelligent, robotized, secure and interoperable ecosystem of products.

    Software product engineering

    Create a strategically aligned portfolio that can evolve rapidly with fast-changing market demands, resource scarcity, and culture shifts.

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      Jiani Zhang

      EVP and Chief Software Officer, Capgemini Engineering
      As the Capgemini Software Engineering leader, Jiani has proven a track record for supporting organizations of all sizes to drive business growth through software. With over 15 years of experience in the IT and Software industry, including strategy and consulting, she has helped business transform to compete in today’s digital landscape.

      Lisa Mitnick

      Executive Vice President, Capgemini InventGroup Offer Leader, Intelligent Products & Services
      A hands-on digital leader and entrepreneur, Lisa Mitnick has more than 20 years’ experience delivering business success with deep knowledge in strategy, product management, cutting-edge technology services and business development. With industry expertise in communications, media, technology, health and government/public sector, she has harnessed the power of technology to transform services and improve client and customer experiences.

      Jean-Marie Lapeyre

      EVP and Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Global Automotive Industry
      Jean-Marie Lapeyre works with automotive clients to develop and launch actionable technology strategies to help them succeed in a data and software-driven world.

      Steve Jones

      Expert in Big Data and Analytics
      I help clients to deliver IT estates which look like the business, evolve like the business and are costed in line with the value they deliver.  Working with business and IT leaders, I help organizations take control of their master data and align its governance to its business value.

      Gunnar Menzel

      Chief Technology Officer North & Central Europe 
      “Technology is becoming the business of every public sector organization. It brings the potential to transform public services and meet governments’ targets, while addressing the most important challenges our societies face. To help public sector leaders navigate today’s evolving digital trends we have developed TechnoVision: a fresh and accessible guide that helps decision makers identify the right technology to apply to their challenges.”