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Quantum Technologies and Capgemini’s Q Lab

Capgemini is a leading expert on the application of quantum technologies to help clients solve previously intractable business and societal problems. We are your Quantum partner, guiding you on a quantum journey to understand and explore the potential of Quantum technologies – computing, communications and sensing.

Quantum technologies are at a tipping point.

Quantum is currently a hot topic in the technology and business world. Once perceived to be in the realm of science fiction, the opportunities and impact of Quantum technologies will be very real. We expect technological advances to progressively unlock more and more applications over the next 10 years.

At the intersection of numerous scientific disciplines, leveraging the weirdness of quantum mechanics, the result is a set of highly disruptive technologies delivering ground-breaking opportunities in life sciences, financial servicesautomotive and aerospace engineering, and our broader society.

Although much of the potential is still to be realized, we expect that carefully designed quantum algorithms will allow us to tackle business problems previously unimaginable. And we will be able to achieve superior accuracy in critical measurements and imaging, and greater communication security.

Exploring the value of quantum at our Q Lab

Capgemini is clear that now is the time to understand the practical application of quantum and how forward-looking businesses should invest in quantum technology.

Our dedicated Quantum Lab is a global network of quantum experts, partners and specialist research facilities, bringing together the combined research and scientific expertise in Cambridge ConsultantsCapgemini Engineering, and Invent Consulting and our Applied Innovation Exchange global network.

We focus on three technology areas: Quantum Computing, Quantum Sensing, and Quantum Communications. Our approach is to partner with clients to identify priority use cases, showcase applications of quantum technology, and carry out early experimentation and incubation. Ultimately to deliver quantum-enabled technology solutions that address their needs, ensuring that our quantum solutions can integrate seamlessly into our client’s processes.

We have partnered with IBM providing our clients access to IBM’s quantum machines and their licensed technology. Using these unique resources, we can demonstrate the possibilities of this superior compute power, from prototypes to end-to-end implementation.

We believe everyone should be curious about unlocking the exciting possibilities of quantum for society and business.

The CURIOUS will prevail: Question what’s possible with Quantum technologies

  • Quantum Computing could change our world by processing complex data with unimaginable speed;
  • Quantum Communications will advance cybersecurity to new levels unobtainable with traditional techniques, to secure our data;
  • Quantum Sensing has the potential to transform detection and imaging across industries – from autonomous transport to brain imaging – by providing new data about our world.

Meet our experts

Julian van Velzen

Quantum CTIO, Head of Capgemini’s Quantum Lab
I’m passionate about the possibilities of quantum technologies and proud to be putting Capgemini’s investment in quantum on the map. With our Quantum Lab, a global network of quantum experts, partners, and facilities, we’re exploring with our clients how we can apply research, build demos, and help solve business and societal problems that till now have seemed intractable. It’s exciting to be at the forefront of this disruptive technology, where I can use my background in physics and experience in digital transformation to help clients kick-start their quantum journey. Making the impossible possible!

Pascal Brier

Group Chief Innovation Officer, Capgemini
Pascal Brier was appointed Group Chief Innovation Officer and member of the Group Executive Committee on January 1st, 2021. Pascal oversees Technology, Innovation and Ventures for the Group in this position. Pascal holds a Masters degree from EDHEC and was voted “EDHEC of the Year” in 2017.

Kary Bheemaiah

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO), Capgemini Invent
Kary is Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Capgemini Invent where he helps to define the business and sectorial implications of emerging technologies that are of strategic importance to Capgemini’s clients. Kary informs go-to-market implementation plans, aids in the creation of new client-specific solutions & services and contributes to thought leadership on innovative technologies. He further connects the world of emerging technology to all Capgemini Invent practices, clients, and sectors.

Sam Genway

Emerging Technologies Lead at Hybrid Intelligence, Head of Industries at Capgemini Quantum Lab
Sam leads quantum computing R&D at Capgemini’s Quantum Lab. With a background in theoretical quantum physics, he co-founded an accelerator on emerging technologies within Capgemini and has worked with several of the largest, most innovative companies to develop their capabilities and enhance their operations. Sam holds an MSci from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in Theoretical Physics from Imperial College London.

Edmund Owen

Principal Quantum Physicist at Cambridge Consultants (Capgemini Invent)
Edmund combines his experience in modelling and quantum systems with the expertise of engineers, programmers and designers to develop quantum products that provide practical solutions to commercially and socially relevant problems.