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The ability to monitor working equipment to estimate when maintenance should happen is a competitive advantage. Rather than waiting for equipment to fail or relying on a time-based approach, manufacturers connect with assets in real time to prevent unplanned downtime.

The global predictive maintenance market is expected to grow to $12.3 billion by 2025. The increasing use of emerging technologies to get data and the need to reduce costs are driving manufacturing to embrace a more digital mindset for maintenance.

What is predictive maintenance?

Predictive maintenance reduces downtime, extends asset lifetime, and saves money. The combination of good information governance and leading predictive analytical modeling means you can systematically identify the maintenance and inspection regime that you need to achieve compliance and  avoid unplanned downtime while avoiding unnecessary work.

Shift from a reactive to proactive approach

Capgemini’s predictive asset-maintenance solution leverages IoT technology and predictive analytics to monitor equipment parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, and vibration to understand equipment health and predict failures.

Predictive maintenance means a move from reactive to proactive. Our solution includes:

  • Data collection via digital twins that collate and cleanse data from industrial systems and databases
  • Data analytics, a robust predictive-analytics framework based on statistical algorithms and machine learning
  • Data communication with rich dashboards and proactive alerts for preventive action when a failure is predicted.

Read more about how AI can solve maintenance and quality issues for manufacturers.

Optimize operations

Minimizing equipment downtime and bring down the cost of recalls while optimizing efficiency and costs means:

  • Improved overall equipment effectiveness: Reduced unplanned downtime increases efficiency, reduces rework, and delivers higher quality
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Proactively plan repairs, detect unnecessary maintenance requirements, and identify optimal reinvestment timelines
  • Minimized risk: Deeper analytics reduce risk and losses due to downtime, delays, and non-compliance.

Capgemini also leverages pre-configured analytics to accelerate deployment.

Your trusted partner for predictive asset maintenance

Capgemini has worked with many manufacturers to help jumpstart their journey towards predictive asset maintenance. For example, we worked with a large industrial-gases company to implement a solution for the continuous monitoring of compressors to assure equipment availability and better

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