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Digital Transformation Review: Vivatech Special Edition

United Europe of Tech: Lessons from the Leaders.

New technologies are reinventing how organizations create value and how they approach their digital transformation. However, fundamental questions are also being raised about what capabilities and leadership qualities are required to seize these opportunities, particularly in terms of employee engagement, talent, and company culture.

These rapid changes and questions about skills and leadership become all the more critical in the context of Europe’s ongoing struggle to keep up with the US and China—particularly in relation to the size of companies and investments in AI and other emerging technologies.

In this Vivatech Special Edition of Digital Transformation Review, we interview leaders from a range of European, multinational/global corporations, from a broad spectrum of industries, including automotive, consumer goods, energy, entertainment, financial services, industrial, life sciences, and retail. These include exclusive interviews for this special edition connected to Vivatech event and participants.

A number of critical lessons and insights are presented to provide a first-hand, global perspective on the key capabilities and characteristics required to succeed.

This publication is based on the Twelfth edition of Capgemini’s flagship Digital Transformation Review.

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