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The audience is waiting: 5G and entertainment will change everything

Disruption and transformation were already impacting the media and entertainment industries, and then the pandemic accelerated everything. With content going global and consumption rising, the media and entertainment industries are on track for exponential growth.

5G and entertainment will be the game changer. The technology will pave the way for new options, such as location-based experiences, e-sports, and online gaming parties. But media and entertainment companies need to understand how to leverage 5G to get the future they want and manage the ecosystem of partners to create the right strategy.

Learn about the next wave of growth and opportunities in the latest Avasant Digital Forum webinar. Featuring insights from Capgemini, Fremantle, and Avasant, the webinar discusses the power of 5G media and how 5G and entertainment will play a critical role across the value chain.

Listen to Avasant Digital Forum – Disrupting media and entertainment: The 5G-enabled future to explore how the lower latency and higher speeds of 5G will disrupt entertainment.

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Thank you for your interest in our webinar. 5G will have a disruptive impact on the industry but it will also drive innovation in content, distribution, and end-user experiences. We look forward to continuing this discussion.

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