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Free programs that will help save our small businesses


We are here to assist small businesses to survive COVID-19.

With a pandemic raging across the globe, separating families and economies, the inequalities and injustices in our society have been laid bare. These crises have exposed the challenges facing underserved communities that live on the margins or outside of the digital world and the importance of the internet as a socio-economic equalizer. According to the World Economic Forum, more than half the world’s population remains offline, but Capgemini is committed to making a difference. Our ambition is to help make the digital revolution an opportunity for all and provide a bridge between technology and society.

We recently launched the COVID-19 Social Response Unit to execute planned initiatives in a coordinated manner around the world to deliver social impact at scale. One of our many initiatives includes supporting small and neighborhood businesses.

Small businesses are the heart of innovation and entrepreneurship in America. They make up 99.9% of businesses in the country and employ over 58 million people. Small businesses have faced the brunt of the lockdowns and confinement orders that brought most commerce to a standstill overnight. We know it is with their grit and willingness to roll up their sleeves during these difficult times that they will persevere.

As a response to the challenges that small businesses face, Capgemini’s innovation consultancy, digital and marketing agency, and financial services business are offering three free services:

Innovator’s Response

The Innovator’s Response provides a set of strategic resources for small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Powered by volunteers from Capgemini’s innovation consultancy Fahrenheit 212, the site compiles inspiring ideas which may be useful to small businesses trying to re-envision their operations. The team is also offering one-hour pro-bono strategy sessions to identify new opportunities and business models for small businesses looking to keep the lights on and employees earning a paycheck. Click here to sign up for free strategy session.

Keep Small Strong

Capgemini, in partnership with eight other top creative and digital marketing agencies, created Keep Small Strong to help small businesses transition from relying on foot traffic to selling direct online. Our key partners are AgnoStack, Astound Commerce, Envoy, Goood, LiveArea, PFS, Pxl, and Taos. We pooled collective knowledge and resources to bring solutions, networks, and tools ordinarily used by large clients to small-business owners. The team provides pro-bono support with e-commerce, fulfillment, logistics, and customer service. We also created an online marketplace to raise awareness and promote small businesses in the community. Click here to apply for free e-commerce support.

Helping small businesses navigate Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) loan forgiveness

Many small businesses face an uncertain future because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those businesses that received Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP) loans now need to focus on how to qualify for forgiveness of these loans. Unfortunately, this can be much more complex than the loan application and approval process, as ambiguities about how small businesses can receive forgiveness are creating confusion among borrowers and financial institutions.

Capgemini’s financial service business partnered with our clients to navigate the U.S. government’s recent Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. In our webinar, our banking specialists provide an overview of the loan forgiveness process and provide tips from the people helping banks implement PPP loan-forgiveness processes and systems. We also offer one-on-one COVID-19 SBA loan assistance coaching sessions. Register here to learn how you can receive the maximum amount of forgiveness with the least amount of cost and stress.

The COVID-19 Social Response Unit has created more than 40 initiatives around the world, and new ones are still launching. In America, we are reaching out to our small businesses to help them survive and then succeed during this tough time. Please contact our Corporate Social Responsibility Team if we can assist you.