Breaking down business silos for better B2B customer experience

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As the “experience economy” continues to permeate businesses and organizations, B2B customers increasingly want the same level of shopping experiences they encounter in their non-professional lives. A Salesforce study suggests 70% of business buyers expect an “Amazon-like” buying experience from their vendors, and 74% of business buyers expect vendors to provide personalized experiences.

These end-users are no longer content with a fixed menu of options-they want more customization, more personalization and better control over their own purchasing journey.

To meet these demands in today’s marketplace, B2B brands need to build credibility and loyalty directly with both their customers and prospects rather than putting the onus solely on distributors. How do they do this? By breaking down the silos of marketing, commerce, sales and service, integrating those functions to align strategy and data, ultimately powering a far superior end-to-end customer experience.

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As Digital Customer Experience Sector Lead at Capgemini, Rich Minns oversees architecture, development, infrastructure, and helps customers envision solutions for engaging, experience-driven commerce websites for clients. He brings over 20 years of executive experience at Top 500 eCommerce Retail companies and has led hundreds of successful commerce launches on numerous different technology platforms.


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