Transformation Consulting

The new business line of Capgemini in Italy focused on digital innovation, consulting and transformation

Capgemini offers market-leading expertise in strategy, technology, data science and creative design, to help CxOs envision and build what’s next for their businesses.

Transformation Consulting combines the multi-disciplinary strengths of Capgemini with the Group’s recent acquisition of customer engagement and creative design agency DOING. We also incorporate specialist capabilities from across the Group including data scientists and expertise in emerging technologies.

These capabilities enable enterprise clients to operate at the speed of digital: to ideate, design and develop tangible prototypes, scale them by leveraging the full expertise of the Group and deliver breakthrough outcomes.

Our offering is primarily aimed at the Financial Services, Consumer Products, Retail and Distribution, Manufacturing, Automotive and Life Sciences and Telecommunications, Media and Technology industries.

Innovation & Strategy

Is there room for innovation in your business strategy? Can you continuously originate new products and services that safeguard your market share, not just against new startups, but also from adjacent industries edging into your traditional space?

As digital opens new doors of opportunity for your competitors, as well as for you, it’s no longer enough to focus strategy on being lean and efficient – on optimization. Today’s fast-changing business climate demands a clear strategy for originating new value.

To drive sustainable growth, businesses need an iterative building and learning process for new ideas that cuts across disciplines. Big thinking and execution must sit at the same table, integrated within the same strategic process. Winning ideas and strategies deliver the products, services and business models that come next.

Our Innovation and Strategy capability can help to define and build change across organizations, moving from imagining to implementing the products, services, and business models of the future.

Customer Engagement

Engaging your client, creating a unique experience that involves him, encouraging him to interact and share his experiences with others is a difficult task, which is the responsibility of Marketing Managers and CxOs in their daily job. This is what for us means Customer Engagement.

In recent years digital and technological standards have evolved profoundly and very quickly. This is a leverage for customer expectations (both business or consumer), but could be an issue for enterprises: IT is too often a barrier to, rather than an enabler of, extraordinary customer experiences.

At the same time, the most prominent brands and big players have invested exponentially in the development of their customers’ experience, helping to raise the expected standard to the maximum.

Our goal is to help our customers through a center of excellence able to develop opportunities that enable the generation of value from effective and lasting relationships with their customers through the transformation of the engaging model, that is, by developing innovative offer and pricing models that are able to maximize value in the Digital market, favoring an effective and omnichannel Customer Experience in all phases of the service life cycle and supporting organizations to evolve the service model to the changing needs of the Digital customer.

Future of Technology

We hear about the proliferation of emerging technologies every day. But the primary focus of business leaders should be on Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Robotics, 5G enablement and blockchain based transactions.

Technology is the underlying layer below any digital service or products. Making the right choices will equip your organization to address key business challenges. For example, emerging technologies have the potential to enable global collaboration between people and project teams scattered across the world. And what about the need to comply with new laws and regulations to ensure both security and trust? In an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, compliance will become much harder without a certain amount of AI and automation. Speed-to-market is another benefit brought by new technology.

The fast-paced delivery enabled by digital IT can be a crucial differentiator and the adoption of a “Digital Factory” will be a powerful catalyst for change. However, many businesses are still in the dark about how and where this new technology might be integrated with current systems, processes and ways of working. Capgemini takes a multi-disciplinary approach to moving you forward. From strategic consultants to highly skilled architects, along with an ecosystem of partners, we bring a unique end-to-end delivery model to support your choice and adoption of emerging technologies.

Data-Driven Enterprise

To be successful today, companies must leverage data at the heart of their business and IT strategies, while assuring compliance with the even more complex regulatory landscape.

Even leading organizations are threatened by disruptive new business models: better management of information, and harnessing of real-time insights is critical to securing revenue and market share.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers the potential for step changes in performance by bringing new assets and new ways of getting value from data. It helps to optimize operational and compliance processes, to better manage risks and is at the core of providing new services to customers and speeding up the personalization of offers to them. The challenge many organizations face, however, is that despite the huge opportunity of AI, big data and analytics, organizational silos mean that information cannot be shared and the potential of data is not realized.

At Capgemini, we help to unlock that value. Because to better predict what’s next, we need to understand what’s now – from intelligence about risks in financial services, to deriving maximum insight into customer behaviors, and identifying trends in operational, risk management or workforce issues.

The use of advanced data analytics, AI and automation technologies is pivotal to how we drive financial excellence and enable strategic and real-time business decision-making for our customers.

Operations Transformation

In the current economic climate, companies are under heavy pressure to become more customer-focused while maintaining a cost-effective production process. Product lifecycles are getting shorter and market demands are changing ever more rapidly. With increased competition across sectors, reducing time to market becomes a critical factor in establishing industry leadership.

To respond, businesses need to reinvent services & products engineering and manufacturing through digital technology applications. They need to optimise supply chains, manufacturing, procurement and their underlying processes with robotics, AI, Agile and Lean.

Reducing complexity, and relentless pursuit of efficiency are key to the Digital Operations that come next. We help these companies to continuously increase customer value re-thinking their key processes, using Lean based reengineering to reduce time to market and operational costs.

Whether it is about Business Process Outsourcing, Sourcing, or Commercial Operations we design together with our customers their future-looking strategies injecting tactical opportunities to foster company-wide success.

Program, Change & Organization

No matter how much you invest in new workplace technologies, such as machine learning, robotics and AI, and new structures, it’s the people that have to live your digital transformation and bring it to life.

Without the buy-in of your people you will fail to see the anticipated return on your investment. This is borne out both by our own experience working with clients undergoing change and in several compelling Capgemini research projects over the last year. Talent, leadership and people are essential for making digital transformation work.

How you manage the transition, re-think your operating model and job roles in the digital age will be a key factor in the reinvention of your business as a digital leader. This is an important consideration, particularly in the race for top talent. With 47% of Gen Y and Gen Z employees considering their skill set to be redundant, or likely to be redundant in the next four to five years, managing people and change is a priority.

At Capgemini, we help businesses master transformation by bridging the gap between technology and people, setting the right culture and governance model, keeping the focus on benefits realization, suggesting the operating and organizational models to drive holistic business success.

Meet our Experts

Stefano Barzaghi

Expert in Digital Operating Model, Media and Entertainment


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