Annual Report 2019

Our latest Annual Report summarises our main activities and the major events from 2019.

A Brave New Ultra Connected Society – The 5G (r)evolution

Digital transformation keeps gathering pace all around us and it will continue to do so in...

World Wealth Report 2019

The World Wealth Report 2019 is the industry’s leading benchmark for tracking high net worth...

World FinTech Report 2019

The World FinTech Report 2019 from Capgemini and Efma explores how the future is moving to a...

Intelligent Industry – Powered by Data

Intelligent Industry allows companies to transform data into insight and actions.

La sostenibilità nei servizi di investimento

La regolamentazione sui servizi di investimento cambia per accogliere i fattori di...

Top Trends in Commercial Banking 2020

The report explores various challenges and opportunities that await commercial banks and how...

Top Trends in Wealth Management 2020

As wealth management firms enter an experience- versus product-led era, understanding...


Clean Growth

Inventing the Sustainable Business Models, Products and Services of the Future

Top Trends in Payments 2020

Payments is evolving into an open ecosystem. Banks, payment firms, card firms, BigTechs,...

The Sustainable Business Revolution 2030

We offer our vision for three ecosystems with the potential to contribute to sustainability...

Top Trends in Capital Markets 2020

Drawing from intelligent automation, data-driven compliance and deep customer insights, the...

Top Trends in Retail Banking 2020

With BigTechs and Fintechs influencing the financial services space, retail banks are...

World Retail Banking Report 2019

The World Retail Report 2019 from Capgemini and Efma explores how banking customers’ changing...

eGovernment Benchmark 2019

Empowering Europeans through trusted digital public services

Consumer Products Retail and Distribution

Point of Sale: the heart of retailing

Retail industry consolidations, omnichannel strategies, demand for lower TCO, Cloud-based...

World Payments Report 2019

The World Payments Report 2019 from Capgemini is the leading source for data, trends and...


Connected Vehicle Trend Radar

The drive to add value: lessons from China.


Technomics Episode 2: Blockchain

Blockchain, one of the most hyped emerging technology trends generates just as much...

The Nordics: Leading the World Towards a Cashless Society

The Nordics emerge as the global leaders with respect to cashless transactions per inhabitant...

Next-Gen Banking

In the future, banking will be about making connections at the right time, through the right...

Capgemini and IBM

Capgemini and IBM: Your partners for a new generation of doing business.

Annual Report 2018

L’Annual Report raccoglie le attività e gli eventi più significativi di Capgemini...

SAP OnePath

Our OnePath offerings can bundle virtually any SAP software with our services to uniquely...

READYUpstream for Upstream Oil & Gas

READYUpstream is the only SAP certified all-in-one solution for the upstream Oil & Gas...

Perform AI overview

Humans and technology working together with transparency and trust.

Kiabi SMACK: a Big Data project from A to Z

Working collaboratively with Capgemini, Kiabi provides more unified and cross-channel...

Upskilling your people for the age of the machine

Le aziende potrebbero perdere i reali benefici dell’automazione se continuano a investire...

World Payments Report 2018

Aumenta la richiesta dei consumatori di servizi di pagamento digitale, ma persistono...

Reshaping the Future: Unlocking Automation’s Untapped Value

Le aziende sono in ritardo con l’implementazione dell’automazione: solo il 16% adotta diversi...

World InsurTech Report 2018

Necessario un approccio collaborativo tra le compagnie di assicurazione e le InsurTech

World Retail Banking Report 2018

Le banche devono rispondere alle crescenti aspettative dei clienti per contrastare la...

World Quality Report 2018

La customer experience è ora cruciale per la quality assurance

Think big with IoT

Leggi l’ultima edizione di Beyond the Buzz


Growth in the Machine

How financial services can move intelligent automation from a cost play to a growth strategy

Digital Transformation Institute

Understanding Digital Mastery Today

Find out more why companies are struggling with their digital transformations and see what...


How TalkTalk halved their legacy estate

TalkTalk, a telecommunications and media company, undertook an ambitious modernisation and...

Annual Report 2017

Leggi il nostro Annual Report e la prima edizione dell’Integrated Report

Digital Manufacturing

Unlocking the business value of IoT in operations

A guiding framework for realizing the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Consumer Products & Retail

Making the last mile pay

Balancing customer expectations and commercial reality

cars online

Cars Online Trend Study, April 2018

Untapped value – rethinking customer service in the automotive industry


GDPR demands compliance … and unlocks opportunity

Complying with the GDPR is unavoidable and requires significant investment, but there’s good...


Smartly Transforms Energy Billing with New Service

Capgemini, using Adobe Experience Design, helped Smartly with its smart billing through a...


Cybersecurity Talent – The Big Gap in Cyber Protection

Eight recommendations for how organizations can bridge the cybersecurity talent gap.


Fast Digital 4 Discrete Industries by SAP and Capgemini

Fast Digital for Discrete Industries by SAP and Capgemini is a joint initiative by SAP and...

Digital Customer Experience

Time to talk

Consumers are adopting smart speakers an order of magnitude faster than they did the...

Applied Innovation Exchange

The Discipline of Innovation

Innovation Centers—In vogue but are they delivering the expected goals?

Consumer Products & Retail

Loyalty Deciphered—How Emotions Drive Genuine Engagement

Discover what drives brand loyalty, and how to cultivate it, in the findings of this...


The Digital Talent Gap—Are Companies Doing Enough?

A Capgemini and LinkedIn joint research report shows that the digital gap is widening.

Digital Transformation Institute

The Digital Utility Plant: Unlocking value from the digitization of production

Digital utility plants to unleash big improvements in production costs and environmental...

Automation Drive

Artificial Intelligence – Where and How to Invest

A Capgemini study of nearly 1,000 organizations implementing Artificial Intelligence...

Cloud-Native Blog Series

Our experts guide you through the key issues enterprises face in going cloud native.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Review 10

Digital technologies allow organizations to reinvent themselves—transforming the core of the...

Business Services (global)

Digital Employee Operations

The consumer challenge facing your HR function

Bringing Digital Employee Operations to life

B2C consumer experiences are rapidly becoming the norm in Human Resources (HR). Employees...

Digital Customer Experience

The rewards of superior digital customer experience

Our research reveals a gap between how businesses and consumers perceive the quality of their...

Customer Interaction Service Infographic

An exhaustive diagnosis and targeted recommendations based on your interaction data analysis,...

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Special Edition

The rise of automation is bringing a plethora of opportunities to both organizations and...

Digital Manufacturing

Collaborative robotics for testing at Airbus Helicopters

Airbus is a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services. In helicopters, Airbus...

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