The Digital Futures Academy originates from a partnership between SDA Bocconi School of Management and Capgemini and was set up to offer a set of managerial and technological training opportunities for talents, professionals and executives in the field of ICT consulting.

The Digital Futures Academy aims to meet industry needs by designing high-profile initiatives that combine typical management training themes with the tech topics needed to navigate the world of ICT consulting.

It is based on three initiatives: the training path “The Future of Enterprise Management” addressed to young graduated held in November 2021, the seminars addressed to the CxOs of the main Italian companies held in May 2022, the training path addressed to employees of Capgemini in Italy which will be held in July 2022.

The Future of Enterprise Management

The first initiative, “The Future of Enterprise Management”, has targeted young recent graduates in Economics and STEM faculties, fluent in English, and deeply interested in the world of ICT consulting. At the end of this training path, they became junior professionals working on Capgemini consulting projects.

This training aimed at filling the considerable disparity between available resources and demand for ICT professional profiles; solving the lack of training and job placement schemes with the right balance between learning content and practical application; giving a solution to the lack of differentiation between the resources of the various System Integrators and ICT consultants.

From the leaders of the future to the actual leaders

The second initiative of the Digital Futures Academy, held in May 2022, was addressed to the actual leaders, the CxOs of the main Italian companies, customers and partners of Capgemini.

At the SDA Bocconi headquarters, the CxOs took part in several in-depth seminars dedicated to the current economic scenarios and the challenges that companies are facing, from governance to sustainability and energy transition, from respect of human rights to demographic behaviors. Some sessions were dedicated to the most crucial topics related to digital and post digital transformation, the technologies that enable it and the complexity of the governance of corporate information systems.

There were two days full of contents and reflections, arising also from the inspirational talks held by renowned intellectuals and economists, during which the decision makers of Capgemini’s clients and partners companies deepened what innovation means in the new context driven by digital transformation and spaced on various topics, expanding its vision thanks to the speakers’ cross-sectoral approach, overcoming the barriers between functions, sectors, nations.


«In order to manage the current context more effectively, it is necessary to have a heterogeneous background of knowledge, so as to reason and act beyond traditional schemes. The Digital Futures Academy combines the expertise of SDA Bocconi and Capgemini to train professionals able, on the one hand, to understand the potential that technology is able to generate and, on the other, to support our clients in the path of digital transformation. The talents involved in the different initiatives will acquire vertical skills in terms of Enterprise Management and new Application Architectures, Cloud, Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Customer Experience Innovation. They will also learn a systematic approach to the continuous research of the evolution of the technologies enabling innovation. We strongly believe in this synergy with SDA Bocconi: together we can train the talents that today are needed to drive the Italian business system and Public Sector towards a real digital transition.»

Andrea Falleni, Managing Director, Capgemini in Italy