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Learn how our innovative methodologies and tools create a culture of results-oriented collaboration.

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Where do you go to create certainty in an ever-changing world?

In today’s world of speed and complexity, no one individual or team has the answer. Decisions need to be made quickly. Collaboration is critical. Speed is essential.

The ASE Explained

Get exceptional results more quickly and create a profound shift in the performance of your organization.
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The ASE is Capgemini’s platform for tackling complex challenges and accelerating organizational performance to achieve results faster than you thought possible.

How we do it

Blending 5 unique and powerful elements, we create an experiential journey that drives exponential value for your organization.

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What we do

Make critical decisions and design sustainable solutions engaging 15-100s of stakeholders across your organization, clients, and geographies.

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Where we are

Immersive collaboration experiences around the globe, seamlessly connecting across the room, country, and world in real-time.

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Client Stories

20 years of experience
4,000+ different clients
Over 40% of the FTSE 100 and Fortune 500
40 countries around the globe

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Company culture shift achieved in a compressed time improved competitiveness with a collaborative approach that ensured buy-in.

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Shaved one year off a three year global aircraft program. One percent of the project cost delivered 50% more deliverables.

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“A miracle happened these past 2 days!”

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