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Wondering what it’s like to work at Capgemini Finland? Looking for that final confirmation that you should apply? Preparing to dazzle us with your application? Find answers to careers and recruitment related FAQ on this page.

We have broken down the questions and answers into these categories:

  • Working at Capgemini Finland
  • Culture & values
  • Diversity, equality, inclusion and sustainability
  • Applying for a job at Capgemini
  • Hiring process
  • Career paths, learning and career development

Why should I join Capgemini?

With us, you can truly get the future you want. We are also on an exciting growth journey, currently employing approximately 650 people in Finland. If you decide to join us, you will become part of a diverse global collective of free-thinkers, entrepreneurs and industry experts who are all driven to use technology to reimagine what’s possible.​

As we grow, we continue to work together to build a more inclusive and sustainable future for our clients, our planet, and one another. Read more about reasons to join here.

What is Capgemini’s hybrid work policy?

At Capgemini we promote trust and freedom in everything we do, and ways of working are no exception. Hybrid is the way we work nowadays, and we have complete trust in our people that they know best where to get the job done.

We have a newly renovated office in Ruoholahti (also our Lappeenranta office is being renewed), so some are eager to work at the office almost daily. Some work from home or for example from their summer cottages. Some work at clients’ offices. There’s even a possibility to work from abroad. Read more here.

What kind of salary models & total compensation do you offer?

For some, the compensation question is the hot potato, and we totally get that. Because we offer multiple roles and role grades under our roof, it is difficult to give a perfect answer to this question.

Depending on the role, our total compensation package includes a competitive base salary, truly comprehensive fringe benefits, and as you move into a more senior role, possibly variable pay or other related bonuses. Usually, in our recruitment process, compensation is discussed in the first interview. But you can always ask for more information about the compensation package from the hiring manager at any stage of the process.

What kind of perks and employment benefits are there?

Here’s an example list of our fringe benefits:

Extensive occupational health care and health insurance
Travel insurance during work trips
Flexible work time policies (flex hours, part-time, unpaid leave, vacations, remote/hybrid working)
Internet connection to your home address
Mobile phone benefit
Lunch benefit & sport/culture benefit (Edenred card)
Sick child care benefit
Support for home office (display and chair)
Spa, pool and gym area at the newly renovated office
Fun events g. coffee breaks, Pizza Fridays, Christmas party, sports events
Elixia discount
Employee Share Ownership Plan and a lot more

How do you promote work-life balance?

Our people are the most valuable asset we have, and we really promote a culture with healthy work-life balance. We work flexibly together, and you can affect your daily working hours.

So, whether you wish to take a break during the day, go skiing, do some yoga, or prepare lunch and then continue work a bit later – that’s all possible! On a monthly basis, we also use an employee feedback tool Pulse (by Peakon) to track how the work-life balance is perceived by our people and take actions to improve when necessary.

Can I work totally remotely?

There are some cases where we can negotiate a mutual agreement for a person to be able to work remotely from Finland. These are exceptions, but we encourage you to bring this wish up already in the application phase.

Can I work from abroad remotely?

In some cases, this is also possible. This of course depends on the engagements you are working with and other tax / insurance conditions that need to be met.

What can I specialize in at Capgemini Finland?

Within Tech & IT, we offer almost endless opportunities for specialization inside Capgemini. The easiest way for you to check out the possible specialty areas is via our Services pages, but here’s a list of the main areas we excel at:

Cloud Services
Data & AI
Customer Experience
Technology Services
Testing & Automation (Sogeti)
IT Transformations
Business Operations
Digital Services (Design)

Which customer will I be working with and when can I start?

At Capgemini Finland, we are growing at a fast pace. Sometimes when we are hiring, there is already a customer project waiting, as we search for a suitable candidate to fit into that specific project. On the other hand, we also recruit people based on our growth expectations, and then it may take a bit longer in the beginning to find the first assignment. But don’t worry, we ensure you will be quickly employed, since the demand is huge!

While waiting for your first assignment, you can participate in our internal Collaboration Zone projects, study certifications or utilize our extensive learning platform Next (free access to +250 000 classes and certifications from Coursera, Pluralsight, Harvard Spark and a lot more).

Have a look at our public client stories to get an idea of the type of organizations we work with.

How do current employees describe the culture? What about your values?

Here are couple of quotes from our people, based on Pulse, our employee engagement survey, and other surveys (2021). Read more about our seven core values here.

Diversity & Inclusion: “I work in a diverse team where everyone is respected and the leader supports everyone equally. The multicultural environment was one of the main reasons why I wanted to join Capgemini. People are listened to, and different opinions are welcome.”

Growth & Learning: ”There are challenging opportunities and many initiatives to improve our technical and professional skills. You are constantly growing by working with smart people.”

Freedom & Flexibility: “Capgemini is the leader in flexible working! Really appreciated. I feel trusted with plenty of freedom. I get to say “no” and really decide how to do my work, love it. The company also provides adequate tools for working remotely.”

What are your development areas at Capgemini?

As many of us know, the world is not ready yet and we too, have some areas of improvement we need to focus on. This means we warmly welcome people to join us, who are also eager to help us perform better on these issues. If you come from outside the consulting world, there are some things that you may find surprising compared to working in-house.

In some cases, it may take some time before we find you a real client project to work with. We are now focusing on improving the processes for the “in-between” consultants to work on valuable internal projects before being assigned their next engagement. You can also use this time for self-development. And that is also another thing we are working on: ensuring enough time to take care of your learning and trainings while working in customer engagements.

We are also an enormous company with over 300 000 employees globally. This of course means some inevitable bureaucracy, which we’re actively trying to minimize from daily work. We have done a lot, so the situation really isn’t as bad as you might expect. Also, the hierarchy with us is super low, so just voice out your development ideas and we promise they will be heard!

How many nationalities are represented at Capgemini Finland?

Worldwide we are present in over 50 countries with hundreds of different nationalities working under “our roof”. In Finland, we currently have colleagues that represent 20 different nationalities, and the number is growing all the time.

How do you ensure equal opportunities for all in recruitment?

We take pride and celebrate our genuinely diverse and inclusive culture at Capgemini and take concrete actions to guarantee equal opportunities for all within the company. We wish applications from suitably qualified candidates regardless of sex, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender, religion or beliefs. Also, we warmly welcome applications from people who are currently pregnant or on maternity/paternity leave.

What is the gender ratio at Capgemini Finland?

At the end of 2021, 31,5% of Capgemini Finland employees were women, and on group level the percentage was 35,8. There is some variation between business units.

Our global level commitment is 40% women in the workforce by the end of 2025, and 30% in executive leadership.

Can you give me an example of what Capgemini is planning to do regarding environmental sustainability?

Local “ground level” activities and initiatives in Finland include:

• Planting a tree for every new joiner in 2023
• Hosting an internal event focused on sustainability actions everyone can do on an individual level
• Calculating the average carbon footprint of a Capgemini Finland employee
• Park cleaning activities (in 2021 we had two of these)
• Bicycle benefit
• Company car (only EV, PHEV or Hybrid cars allowed)

Globally, we are committed to becoming a net zero business with science-based targets and are on track to becoming carbon-neutral no later than 2025.

I found an interesting job – how should I apply?

Great! You are now few steps away from being part of the recruitment process. In every job ad we have open, there’s always an Apply now -button. After clicking that, it takes approximately 2 minutes for you to fill in the application form. In addition to a few personal detail questions, prepare to attach your CV, cover letter and 1 school or work diploma (for background check purposes). With attachments, PDF is the preferred format. If you encounter a problem with the system, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I apply to multiple positions with one application?

Unfortunately, no. Only in the Future Talent Program for graduates and career changers, you can choose multiple positions with one application. You can also leave an Open application via our career site and express your interest towards different specialty areas.

Do you have jobs or a program for recent graduates? Or people wanting to change the direction of their career?

Yes, we do. This program is called Future Talent, targeted especially to graduates or people wishing to shift their career towards a new specialty area. In this program, we offer a permanent employment for all chosen candidates.

Do you offer summer jobs or internships?

In 2022, we offered our first summer job positions and we aim to continue to offer these possibilities also in the coming years. You may also perform your internship via these summer job positions.

How do you process personal data?

We respect your privacy. Find out more about data processing in our Privacy Policy.

What steps are included in the hiring process?

Our hiring process steps vary depending on the role. Usually, our application period takes approximately 2-3 weeks, and we also do direct sourcing on LinkedIn. Depending on the role, there are usually at least two interview rounds with different participants varying from Hiring Manager, his/her/their manager, HR or team members. There may also be some coding tests included, for example in developer roles and in team lead positions we use personality assessments via TalogyTech (ex. Cubiks). After these steps there may be background checks, reference checks and then moving into the offer / employment contract phase.

We keep all our candidates up-to-date by communicating frequently and are determined to run the hiring process through quickly and smoothly.

How long is the hiring process in total?

From application to selection, it takes approximately 2-3 weeks. We can sometimes also move super fast. A recent recruitment case took only 4 days from initial contact to selection.

How can I prepare for the interview(s)?

We’d love to keep our interviews interactive, as that is a good way for both parties to figure out if we could be the perfect match for each other. So, we wish you to beforehand think some questions you’d like to ask from us and we’ll promise to give you answers. If more specific preparation is expected of you, we’ll let you know in advance.

I forgot to add my Cover Letter or CV, can you add it for me?

Yes. Please send an email with the missing attachments here: and don’t forget to mention the role you are applying to.

What language requirements do you have for jobs in Finland?

This is depending on the role. Some roles are directly related to Finnish customer projects, and therefore Finnish language may be a requirement. For other roles, English is perfectly fine.

How can I advance my career at Capgemini?

We have many career paths (4 Dimensions: Content, People, Delivery, Client) to offer, which will cross and form a unique path based on your own interest for every individual working at Capgemini. The company’s job is to support you on your path. We have an extensive Career Framework in use, which helps you and your People Manager to make clear plans together for your advancement in the company.

In addition to Career Frameworks, we have well-planned training paths and grade levels for roles, so it’s easier for you to develop necessary skills and competencies for your next career move.

How does Capgemini support me in my career development?

Our Career Development cycle is aligned to the financial year from January to December. In the beginning of the year, you will have a feedback and development discussion with your manager and you will set individual objectives for the year. One part of the objectives is development objectives where you plan your next career steps and what skills and competencies you need to develop to be able to achieve your aspirations. Then you will have discussions with your People Manager throughout the year. In each of these discussions, we encourage you to openly share your career/client/project/promotion aspirations, in order to make things happen.

In some of our units, we also offer career consulting and coaching for our employees.

What kind of learning, training and self-development opportunities do you promote?

We want to offer the best possible support for your development (professionally, but also outside your professional career). We offer comprehensive curriculums and a wide range of specific trainings, including:

• Capgemini University (in Les Fontaines, Paris) and global curriculums (also virtual campus) especially for Architecture, Engagement Management and Leadership. Capgemini University trainings also organised in the Nordics by company exclusive University facilitators.
• SAfe, DevOps, Agile trainings organised also in the Nordics.
• Free and unique learning platform Next available for all our employees (access to +250 000 trainings by Cloud Campus, Pluralsight, Coursera, Harward, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, AWS, etc.).
• Specific training paths for advancement in certain roles.

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