Continuous business reinvention

Imagine, build, and scale strategies, business models, brands, and ventures that drive purpose and sustainable growth.

As consumer tastes change, technologies evolve, new entrants continue to disrupt, and sustainability ambitions become core, investing in more of the same just won’t work. To survive and thrive businesses today need to challenge the status quo and continuously reinvent.

It all starts by putting your customers first. What do they want and need? Forward-thinking businesses use their customer knowledge to identify opportunities for new products, services, and experiences.

We inspire clients of every size and maturity to make bolder choices across strategies, business models, new ventures, brand, and purpose. With creativity, design, and data, we help you imagine your future, test the market, and turn your ambition into reality at scale.

What we offer

To envision and explore possible futures, business leaders must use both creative and analytical tools, then define and de-risk the path to get there.

In an increasingly complex world driven by technological, social and environmental forces, strategy and creativity are key to creating the impactful innovation essential to win.

How can we envision and design for the future? By looking through a lens of what is possible you can realize new opportunities, innovate, and transform your organization.

Get ready to build the future you want by launching businesses that address new customer behaviors, markets, and technologies.

Innovative business models are critical for breakthroughs that disrupt industries and bring game-changing ideas to life.

To scale innovation and succeed with transformative experiences, your business must be organized around its customers, and your teams empowered with the right structures, processes and tools.

Bring purpose to life

Define your brand’s purpose, then translate it into concrete and measurable experiences for customers and employees alike.

The winning brands of the Next Economy will be organizations that are first to fully embrace sustainability.

Our latest thoughts

Meet our experts

Gagandeep Gadri

Managing Director, frog part of Capgemini Invent
Gagandeep is an Executive Vice President and is the Managing Director of frog globally, the creative consultancy brand of Capgemini Invent. A future-focused senior leader commanding 25 years of experience gained driving innovation, growth and delivering customer experience and digital projects across global brands. Above all, a bold innovator with the capacity to evoke positive change felt at both a human and organizational level. 

Courtney Pace

Head of Growth Strategy, Capgemini Invent North America
As our Business expert, Courtney partners with clients to define new futures and craft creative strategies for sustainable, profitable growth.“We’re in the business of creating the future. Data and analysis ground us in the truths of the world as it is today, but we can’t deduce what doesn’t yet exist. We need to pair our deductive thinking with inductive hypotheses to create a new type of ROI—return on imagination.

Kara Pecknold

Global Co-lead of Sustainability, Capgemini Invent
Kara is an Executive Design Director and Sustainability lead at frog who is passionate about the dynamic opportunities for impact found at the intersection of people, planet, services and systems. With a graduate degree in design and over 15 years of experience, she has supported her clients to build better futures through design research, team and org activation, product and service design and new ventures.