Create Impactful Innovation

It takes strategy and creativity to successfully innovate in today’s increasingly complex world driven by technological, social, and environmental forces.

How do you empower innovation without disrupting your core business? You need an inspiring vision and attainable plan complemented by strategic investment and a commitment to the resources necessary to bring market-changing ideas to life.

With a deep understanding of your core business fundamentals, you can navigate complicated market dynamics and industry trends to identify the most viable and valuable path for impactful innovation. Our creative talent, expertise, and tools will help you foster a culture of innovation and answer your most challenging questions.

By combining creative, human-centered design with rigorous market and trend analysis, we ideate the future, identify where to play, and define how to win. We develop innovative products, services, and business models, helping you make bolder choices to shape your future. We are problem solvers who thrive on new innovation challenges.

What we do

Imagine and build the next market disruptor

For many organizations, innovation can feel like stumbling around in the dark, leading to new products and services that don’t contribute to the long-term growth of the business.

We inspire our clients to make bolder choices, do something new, and challenge the status quo. How? By combining our creativity with detailed market analysis.

Our proven approach starts with your customers and gaining a deep understanding of their wants and needs. Through strategic scenario planning we inspire businesses to imagine what could be, select the most viable areas of opportunity, and launch the products, services, and experiences needed to maximize impact in the market and create a regenerative future.

Uncover new ways to win

In an increasingly complex world, the only way to identify the battles you can win is with a combination of strategy and creativity.

We partner with clients to take a creative-driven approach to imagining, making and scaling new businesses. Our proven methodology merges big ideas with business acumen and technology expertise to design new models for sustainable growth.

By empowering organizations with the right tools, skills and culture, and aligning stakeholders behind a new strategy, organizations can thrive and innovate from the inside out.

The art of measuring the immeasurable

Are you ready to take great ideas from the whiteboard and turn them into market reality for sustainable business growth? It’s a challenge facing all organizations.

We help clients set objectives, define the plan, and identify and build the capabilities needed to to fully execute and benchmark return and impact.

By bringing together innovation strategists, engineers, designers, product managers, data scientists, marketers and operations experts, we take ideas and rapidly prototype, iterate and scale them into new businesses. It’s the best way to ascertain product-market fit and give you confidence that there will be a return on your innovation.


frog, part of Capgemini Invent, drives customer-centric transformations at scale through innovative and human-centric design work.

Client stories from frog

Built an innovation lab for Marriott to deliver authentic food and beverage experiences for millennials.

Fueling healthcare innovation by building new businesses outside of Pfizer’s core.

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