Unlock value through intelligent automation

With automation fast becoming the norm across business and IT spectrums, most companies now expect robots to execute at least some of their business processes and expect more advanced levels of automation to boost efficiency and profitability. Is your business keeping up with this innovation?

A cautious approach to automation

Most businesses know they should be embracing new technology such as cognitive computing, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and automation, but struggle to determine how and where it will deliver benefits. This can result in low adoption of new technology, confusion over deployment and governance, and a significant skills gap.

In more extreme situations, a business can fail to realize a return on its investment in automation or may find that innovation is suppressed by an overly cautious approach borne out of a fear of failure.

Unlocking value with intelligent automation

Capgemini’s intelligent automation solutions deliver a unified, open, and dynamic suite of automation tools, services, and expertise that serves your business as a continuously evolving source of innovation and value.

Our automation solutions help you address your business process challenges in a cost-effective manner, without risk to your “big IT” systems. This unlocks the value in your existing platforms in a managed and controlled manner, ensuring intelligent automation is applied where it can deliver optimal value to your business.

Our Virtual Delivery Center combines our renowned Digital Global Enterprise Model© (D-GEM) methodology with the deployment, control, and reporting of automated processes to provide:

  • Non-intrusive business system integration, primarily through the user interface.
  • Data aggregation that presents a consolidated view from different back-end systems.
  • Business rule execution based on defined logic or self-learning.
  • Work item and exception queuing processed by a robot or advisor.
  • Activity monitoring that captures and analyses data on an adviser’s desktop application usage.

Move from RPA to an intelligently automated environment

Capgemini brings a level of expertise and skill that enables your business to travel the path from basic robotic process automation (RPA) to a more complex, intelligently automated environment.

Collaborating with leading technology partners such as Transversal, Celaton, and UiPath, our solutions are built on an industrialized scale with the ability to meet any level of demand.

We consistently exceed our clients’ expectations to deliver tangible business returns, and have already delivered automation-based benefits for our clients, including:

  • A reduction of days sales outstanding (DSO) by 5–10 days.
  • 10% increase in cash collection.
  • 20% increase in cash collection efficiency.
  • 50% reduction in call waiting time waiting time.
  • 20% reduction in incoming queries.

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