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Intelligent supply chain operations

Transform your organization with an integrated and frictionless supply chain that delivers cognitive, touchless operations, and data-driven decision-making.

Our Intelligent Supply Chain offer transforms your supply chain from a cost center into an integrated, frictionless function that delivers competitive advantage and enhanced value across your business. This includes enhanced agility, increased scalability, improved decision-making, and greater transparency.

We partner with you to transform your supply chain into an intelligent, AI-enabled function that drives enhanced business outcomes, including up to 20% increase in working capital, up to 50% reduction in operational costs, up to 15% increase in customer satisfaction, and an increase in revenues of up to 5%.

“Adopting a digital supply chain demands a paradigm shift in organizational culture for embracing technologies, process re-engineering, and decision making.”

HFS Research

What we do

Drive frictionless planning enabled by agile and touchless processing.

Our Touchless Supply Chain Planning drives frictionless, customer-centric supply chain operations, leveraging intelligent process automation, exception-based collaboration, and AI-enabled decision-making to deliver enhanced customer experience and reduced cost.
Our solution unlocks value through providing frictionless planning, faster decision-making, optimized technology, and reduced exceptions to deliver a range of enhanced business outcomes.

This includes 5–8% improvement in on-time delivery, 2–4% increase in revenue base, 15–20% reduction in working capital, 10–15% improvement in customer satisfaction, 50–70% reduction in operational costs, and 15–25% reduction in business waste.

Design, implement, and operate a digitally-enabled procurement operating model that capitalizes on your technology investment to drive business value.

Our Cognitive Procurement Services enables your individual buyers to control spend, while reducing your procurement and category management operating costs through a sustainable, frictionless operating model that manages the total cost of ownership of your demand and supplier pricing.

Our solution helps you adopt the right strategies to achieve the optimal balance between your spend, efficiency, and working capital savings to deliver enhanced business outcomes. This includes over 90% spend compliance, up to 50% increase in productivity, and up to 80% reduction in sourcing and procurement cycle time.

Autonomous Supply Chain

Implement an integrated, frictionless, and customer-centric supply chain

Meet our experts

Helen Jensen

Vice President, Capgemini Invent Sweden-Finland | Head of Insurance
Helén is a Vice President at Capgemini Invent, Sweden & Finland, where she leads the insurance practice – a part of the global Capgemini Invent banking and insurance industry. She has over 25 years of experience in leading and managing transformation programs at insurance companies, banks and corporations. She has lead mergers from the beginning of the deal to the integration phase, run efficiency and development programs, and developed finance functions.

Mikko Nordlund

Director, Capgemini Invent Sweden-Finland | Expert in Energy & Utilities, Retail, Consumer Products
Mikko is Capgemini Invent’s Director in Finland with experience on Energy & Utilities, Retail and Consumer Products as well as Manufacturing. He is a seasoned management consultant with international project experience, and enjoys solving clients’ challenges, whether they are related to operations or strategy.

Benny Karlsson

Head of Intelligent Industry Capgemini Invent, Sweden & Finland

Sari Tomperi

Director, Capgemini Invent |Head of Employee Experience & HR, Sweden-Finland
Sari has over 20 years of experience in leading organizations and transformations. She has worked with global companies and organizations in various industries e.g., to renew their strategies, operating models, organizational structures and processes, as well as company cultures, leadership and talent management portfolios and HR practicalities. She has a strong business acumen and passion for both people and numbers.