Data Warehousing

Large companies often operate isolated enterprise data systems making it difficult to share and aggregate key performance indicators (KPIs). Capgemini can help build a federated data warehouse that is a logical, cost-effective solution

The advantages of business intelligence federation

We build a business intelligence data federation strategy that covers:

  • Business intelligence architecture and infrastructure
  • Data mining
  • Federated data warehousing scenarios

This means you can keep your own dedicated KPIs, but also link your current business intelligence portal products to a core model for all to access. This model has a stable structure that can be easily extended or adapted to new business goals and is able to accept any kind of KPIs.

A federated system is not only cost-effective; it enables companies to:

  • Address high-level management needs without imposing unnecessary constraints on business units
  • Reduce total cost of ownership based on adapted business intelligence systems, or group tools (portals, database, or extract transform load processes)
  • Increase business units’ reactivity by focusing on adding value and improving operations
  • Align business intelligence with transversal business goals.

A proven BI approach

The most important step in any approach to business intelligence projects is to find the right sponsor and to draw up the most appropriate roadmap for your federated BI solution.

We starts the federalization process by rolling the complete solution out in a select number of departments, using a limited number of KPIs. Once the solution is functioning effectively, it is quickly extended to target all transversal KPIs.

Gain a global overview

Over the past 15 years, businesses have moved towards implementing business intelligence systems adapted to specific business areas. We believe that the drawback of this approach is that it limits a company’s global oversight and control. However, reverting back to centralized warehouse systems can be costly and can fail to deliver tangible business value.

Our expertise includes the successful implementation of multiple business insights & data strategies and solutions that are designed to help businesses better understand how to make the most of their information.

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