Cards and Payments

Together with rising demand for real-time, accessible, and digital-first payments experiences, payments firms are subject to data privacy regulations, technological advances, and growing e-commerce. 

Whether it’s a business opportunity or for regulatory compliance reasons, payments modernization is crucial for growth.

We help you solidify your competitive position through next-generation payments solutions across your customer segments, while maximizing your ROI. We are enabling financial institutions with services ranging from payments strategy, differentiation, and monetization, to partnering with FinTechs – and from payments hub transformation, ISO compliance, and real-time payments enablement, to open banking. 
We have over three decades of experience in the cards and payments sector. And with over 5,000 payments experts globally, we have the expertise and partnerships to help you create game-changing payments ecosystems. 

    Digitized B2B Payments Acceleration

    Innovative bundled solutions to address payment challenges for SMEs

    Collaborating with SWIFT

    New experiments to test the interlinking of multiple domestic CBDCs are paving the way towards seamless cross-border payments.

    World Payments Report 2021

    We explore Payments 4.X – an experience-driven environment now attracting tech-expert ecosystem players.

    We are named leader for digital banking by ISG

    ISG recognizes us as a leader in banking governance and risk and compliance services across the US, UK, and Nordics regions. 

      What we do

      We help you improve your real-time payments journey by effectively transforming your core payment hub, and build ecosystem strategies for both retail and corporate customers.

      We can help develop your payments strategy and roadmap, assess and select the right platform, implement cloud payments, and implement your payments hub.

      Our payment program implementation, frameworks and accelerators, Clearing Connect solution, and ISO migration framework can fast-track the implementation journey by up to 35%.

      We have partnerships with all major payment engine technology providers like Finastra (GPP), FIS (OPF), Volante (Volpay), and Icon Solutions.

      Open banking provides opportunities to digitally transform, drive innovation, create a partner ecosystem, and unleash new revenue streams.

      Capgemini’s Open Banking platform is a proven API-enabled platform that is currently delivering secure, market leading advantage to our clients.

      Our Open Banking platform’s features include:

      • API Sandbox that allows third party providers and developers an open experimentation space to build and test new open APIs
      • A customizable platform with a flexible, layered architecture; each layer can be scaled, managed and upgraded independently
      • Leading AI and automation capabilities
      • The ability to support full end-to-end propositions or specific services, such as Know Your Customer (KYC) or onboarding.

      Unlock the potential of cards platforms to gain efficiencies, increase market agility, and deliver a seamless customer experience.

      With over two decades of experience in card transformation, we can help you:

      • Transform your cards issuance platform
      • Implement/upgrade new card issuance platforms
      • Migrate your cards portfolio
      • Assess and evaluate leading cards processing products
      • Comply effectively with regulations
      • Develop and manage your applications
      • Implement network schemes.

      Help your customers embrace real-time cash management via seamless, connected tools across the spectrum of cash and liquidity management.

      Extract value and achieve new synergies across APIs, FinTech partnerships, data standardization, cutting-edge virtual account solutions, and real-time transacting, by creating unique and memorable last-mile cash management solutions.

      We help overcome legacy issues, reducing risk and delivering data-driven insights. From seamless payables and receivables to intra-day sweeping and real-time cashflow dashboards, we have the expertise and partnerships to help create a game-changing cash management ecosystem for your customers.

      Enhance your cash management experience with:
      • Cash management strategy and solution implementation
      • Virtual accounts management strategy and implementation
      • Accounts payable and accounts receivable strategy and solutions
      • FinTech partnerships.

      We provide an end-to-end suite of services across the merchant acquiring business and technology value chain.

      Our services help clients:

      • Venture into new geographies and markets as well as forge new partnerships: consulting, strategy and roadmap
      • Gain understanding of the global payments business, products, and technology trends: payment thought leadership reports
      • Build innovative merchant solutions for acquirers, retailers, networks, and PSPs.

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      Meet our experts

      Helen Jensen

      Vice President, Capgemini Invent Sweden-Finland | Head of Insurance
      Helén is a Vice President at Capgemini Invent, Sweden & Finland, where she leads the insurance practice – a part of the global Capgemini Invent banking and insurance industry. She has over 25 years of experience in leading and managing transformation programs at insurance companies, banks and corporations. She has lead mergers from the beginning of the deal to the integration phase, run efficiency and development programs, and developed finance functions.

      Anne Lind

      VP & Community Lead, Capgemini Invent
      Anne Lind has extensive experience in growing and leading businesses and professional services. During her career, she has worked as a trusted advisor to several global, Nordic, and Finnish companies on their various management and leadership challenges as well as large transformations. The experiences have shaped Anne into a savvy professional working together with C-level executives and board members, having a deep understanding of sustainable business transformations and skilled in architecting operating models, defining, and implementing new ways of working, and accelerating top-line growth as well as improving bottom-line and driving restructuring.

      Tea Silander

      Head of Financial Services Finland
      Tea has 20 years of experience in IT, mostly with Banking and Financial Services industry. She has held various positions giving her cross-cutting understanding of the market and ability to navigate both business and technical discussions. She has been advising and shaping solutions for Finnish and Nordic clients, building her an extensive exposure with technology led digital transformation of the industry. Her heart lits with the opportunities to leverage data and emerging technologies for business development. Her core expertise is with investment services and products, being an active investor since the last 25 years.