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Looking back, it all started from our Young Professionals Academy. What caught your attention?

Capgemini had this targeted ad campaign, and – funnily enough – my mom spotted the banner. As I obviously was the younger one of us, she linked it to me with some good laughs. However, the description matched my technology-focused studies in Economics and Business Administration. There was a lot in common with the Capgemini consultant role, combining the worlds of business and IT. So that’s how I applied and then started as a Business Analyst.

Young Professionals Academy is currently known as the Ignite Graduate Program.

It was only the beginning of our long journey together. What made you stay?

When thinking about the past ten years, one thing above others describes my experiences in Capgemini: being constantly able to grow and learn. If current roles or challenges have started to feel too much of a comfort zone, I have always had the opportunity to develop my skills further.

How about your current position? Could you tell us a bit more about it?

I work as a Team Lead in two different roles. Firstly, I lead our Business Analyst team in Finland, sharing best practices and supporting team members’ career development and skills. Secondly, I have an Account and Delivery Executive role with two customers in the public sector.

Being a Team Lead has its own challenges, but I really like working with people. It’s motivating to see everyone grow and flourish in their own ways, using their strengths to reach a common goal.

You have done an awesome career development. What’s the secret behind the steps?

What matters quite a lot is that I’ve been surrounded by encouraging people in more senior roles who have offered me the opportunity to take on new roles and grow my skillset.

A proactive approach pushes me forward. If there’s a challenge and I have the tools to fix it, I tend to help others across the teams and roles. That has also inspired me to take on new roles and responsibilities.

How do you experience being a woman and Senior Professional in the IT world?

When I entered the IT industry years ago, as a young woman not very tall in size, I felt I needed to consider my approach. Since then, there has been a remarkable change in amount of role models, for example. Today you see a lot of women in senior positions, both at Capgemini and in IT overall.

Technology and business are fields that are constantly changing. It’s the motivation and skills that matter, not gender, and Capgemini has always supported this.

What do you love about working at Capgemini?

People. I’m happy to be surrounded by such enthusiastic and motivated colleagues. Our customers notice that, as well, saying it’s a pleasure to work with us. It brings a positive tone to my daily work.

Since day one, I have also valued our low hierarchy. Everyone is ready to help each other. You are encouraged to challenge the status quo and bring your opinions to the table.

Capgemini is a large, global company. It means we have a vast knowledge base from various industries, and our Research Institute keeps us up to the latest trends.

Are there any challenges you have met?

Due to the large scale, some bureaucracy in internal processes, such as purchases or work hour allocations, takes those frustrating minutes. Still, the big picture is what matters more. We have a company culture where individuals and teams have great freedom to arrange their work as they prefer. You feel valued and trusted.

Do you have some future career aspirations?

Our international framework keeps giving opportunities to grow. There is not one standard way, but many paths I can follow and experience something new along the way. In the future, I want to keep on embracing new technologies and responsibilities.

Any greetings for future Capgemini employees?

Come as you are. We encourage new employees to join us with their strengths and personalities. An open attitude towards new challenges and a willingness to work with people will go a long way.