Intelligent Allocation – navigate through supply and demand fluctuations

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Find out how to build a responsive supply chain that can allocate intelligently and adjust in real time in a session with one of our experts.

Today’s supply chain situation has resulted in two distinctly identifiable clusters especially within the CPR segments: i) Supply Rich & Demand Challenged (for example, the luxury segment) and ii) Demand Rich, Supply challenged (for example, the grocery segment). Intelligent allocation enables a responsive supply chain by optimizing the current situation with effective reallocation of available supply to maximize revenue/margin and to improve customer satisfaction. Supply chain planners are aided in their decision making by an interactive Fiori application with real-time supply and demand visibility, along with supplier risk score based on their operational and financial performance and predicted demand forecasting based on internal/external factors.

Intelligent Allocation is one such example of our suite of responsive supply chain solutions in building a data-driven, resilient, and renewable enterprise with the SAP S/4HANA and SAP cloud platform, powered by renewable insights generated from next-gen data and AI platform built-in Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud platforms.

Intelligent Allocation enabling responsive supply chain

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